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The unique Kamihime Project R experience

Mr. Porn Geek has written a fair number of reviews on games before, most of which are pretty standard when it comes to how complicated they are. Let’s face it: games don’t make much money, so the drive to develop a blockbuster title is a little less motivated by the top gaming studios out there. Thankfully, Nutaku exists: these guys have produced some great games in the past and today, I’m going to be playing Kamihime Project R. From the looks of the trailer, this appears to be a pretty full-on turn-based RPG that actually has the ability for people to play with one another. There are so few successful games that have a multiplayer element, so I’m excited to see just how well this one does. Now then: let’s load up Kamihime and see what’s what.

First impressions and play through

I’m definitely getting the feeling here that Kamihime has a big Asian influence for his design and approach to the game: this feels like a Chinese or Korean MMORPG with crazy armor, sexy chicks and so on. You’ll start getting into the story immediately and notice that there’s actually voice acting here – and it’s in the native language too! Talk about a big budget game, I couldn’t believe the polish on this game. The sex actually begins real quick with Adele getting impaled by a thick meat stick while her huge anime tits bounce all over the place. The screenshot I’ve provided is actually from an animated scene – they’ve put a lot of work into this one, that’s for sure.

The gameplay element of Project R

Eventually you’ll get into a battle with two enemies in a forest and this is when you actually start to engage with the core mechanics of the game. It’s a combat style similar to Final Fantasy that has been a part of gaming culture for dozens of years – everyone loves the tactical aspect of turn-based RPGs, right? I sure as hell do and honestly, Kamihime Project R did a good job of delivering fun and engaging combat that requires some level of intelligence in order to get ahead in. The only thing I will say is that your two sexy anime chicks – Lancelot and Nike – are quite stronger than most of the enemies you come across to begin with. These Griffins and Sylphs never stood a chance!

You have various abilities to utilize while playing Kamihime Project R that assist in the tactical aspect of battles. For instance, Nike has something called Angel Feather which comes with a 6-turn cooldown but heals the entire party. You also have Eidolons like Diabolos which act somewhat like ultimate abilities. You effectively summon a huge beast to do your bidding for you and they inflict massive damage on your opponents all while providing benefits and buffs to the people on your side of the battlefield. It’s classic RPG stuff and I absolutely love it – this game would be great even if it didn’t have any adult aspects at all.

Gear and characters

While turn-based RPGs are about decision making in combat, a lot of people also like to be selective about their teams and equipment to get a good cohesion between their choices. Half of the battle is being prepared and I’m happy to say that Kamihime gives you more than enough options when it comes to rolling out your posse of sexy anime chicks that are trained in hand-to-hand combat and magic. Note that if you are lazy, there is an ‘auto set’ feature which basically gives your characters the best gear based on what the game thinks is good. Be sure to double check the settings though: you might find you enjoy customizing your load out before venturing into the wilderness for some epic battles.

Questing in Kamihime

I think it goes without saying that quests are a quintessential part of any Asian-influenced RPG. Who doesn’t love having a specific set of tasks to achieve and then getting reward with loot, experience, gold or other stuff once you’ve successfully done it? Your initial quest will have you taking part in two fights, the latter of which is against some pretty tough Hellhounds. Thankfully, timing your bursts (as instructed by the tutorial) makes kicking their asses easier done than said. Once the fight’s done, you’ll rank up, get an AP bonus and some soul points too. You’ll also see the spoils of war in regard to equipment that dropped: I managed to get a bow, sword and feather.

Initial bonuses and offers

I was really surprised to see that Kamihime offers you quite a lot of free stuff upon completion of the tutorial: they even branded it as being ‘New Year’ rewards since we only hit 2019 a few days ago. This tells me that Nutaku are regularly updating the game and adding new content to it: I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. I nabbed gems, tickets and healing potions too: they basically hooked me up with enough supplies to ensure that I wouldn’t struggle fighting for the entire night! Oh, be sure to check your messages too: you’ll get a couple that provide even more free stuff. Nutaku seem to want to get you started on the right foot here and I’m not going to say no to free gear upgrades!

The porn factor

So while Nutaku often has games littered with X-rated videos and the like, I’d argue that Kamihime isn’t as explicit as other titles in terms of porn-per-minute. That sounds like a bit of a weird measure, but I think it’s obvious that they’re more focused on giving you a good gameplay experience as opposed to anything else. There is anime titties and hardcore sex here – as well as rendered cumshot videos of these tiny Oriental sluts getting filled with seed – but you’re going to have to work for the smut. That might put a few people off who aren’t exactly thrilled with spending hours of their time trying hard to win a game in order to watch some hentai, but I think real gamers are going to enjoy the ride.

I really like the fact that there’s a dedicated page on Kamihime for all of the sex scenes you’ve unlocked. To find it, click on the ‘My Page’ link in the top-left and then navigate to ‘Episode’. Here you’ll find all of the Harem goodness you’re hunting for: they’re infinitely repeatable so if you want to take your time for a squeeze, go ahead and do just that – you’ve earned all of these videos, so it’s quite the VIP fap if I’m being totally honest with you.

My criticism of Kamihime

Because I’m an ethical reviewer, I think it’s important to always mention when something doesn’t quite reach my expectations. I don’t have any real complaints when it comes to Kamihime Project R but I’ve got one or two things I’d like to see done differently. For instance, other games operated by Nutaku have ‘true’ full screen options, whereas this one doesn’t. Kamihime can also be a bit intense to begin with when it comes to telling you what to do – a lot of the first 10 minutes is just clicking where it tells you to click. I’d like a little more freedom and ability to learn, but yeah – that’s just a minor gripe that I don’t think matters in the grand scheme of things.

Like I said, this isn’t as hentai-heavy as many people might like. I’d say it’s like comparing a strip club to an escort. When you visit an escort, you know that it’s going to be all about the sex and nothing else. A strip club has elements of sexiness, but you’re not going to be having hardcore sex for hours on end, are you? Kamihime has flavors of hentai and porn gaming, but it’s a little more focused on the game as opposed to anything else. Don’t get me wrong: this is a selling point as far as I’m concerned, but I just want to make sure anyone who’s reading this knows what they’re getting involved with.

Other things to mention

Alongside a desktop version of the game, you can grab an App for Android to play Kamihime on your phone. I didn’t download it, but I looked over the game’s Twitter account and commenters seemed to like it. They also hold in-game events every so often that offers you sweet rewards for participating. Honestly, it feels like there’s more of a community here than in 90% of the other MMOs on the market right now: Nutaku certainly know their stuff when it comes to this niche and people love them for that. In terms of professionalism, I don’t think it gets much better than this.

Final thoughts

With new raids being added to the roster of available engagements, regular community events and lots of authentic gameplay elements that test your mind and skill, I think it’s fair to say that Kamihime is one of the best porn-themed RPGs on the market right now. What’s more, it’s 100% free to play! You can spend a few credits to unlock visuals, better weapons and so on but I spent a few hours playing the game and progressed just fine without opening up my wallet. Nutaku have gone above and beyond with their delivery of Kamihime: I highly recommend checking this game out and if you like it, be sure to continue playing because man, they’ve got so much content to keep you entertained for months, if not years into the future!

You can’t beat Kamihime Project R when it comes to anime games with advanced RPG elements. One of Mr. Porn Geek’s top picks in this genre!

Review Pros
  • Great game mechanics
  • Hours of fun
  • Good porn
Review Cons
  • Freemium model
  • No full screen