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Reviewing Naughty Machinima

You might have noticed that over the last few months, Mr. Porn Geek has spent quite a lot of time trying to find as many sites as possible that put smiles on the faces of people who love video games, simulated sex, hentai and all things geeky. Today is no exception, which is why I’m going to be giving you a professional, expert review of Naughty Machinima. You nerds love places like this and I cannot wait to head on over for a fully fleshed-out look at what this place has to offer. So then – let’s get into the chunky stuff and review this website, shall we? I hope you’re as excited as me because honestly, I can’t wait!

A note on Naughty Machinima

I do want to let you know ahead of time that Naughty Machinima doesn’t actually have any video games that you can enjoy directly – it’s just a repository for 3D rendered sex videos that look like they’re taken straight out of a video game and in some cases, they are. Indeed, headline here from is that they’re a free library of erotic movies from video games – an interesting idea and one that I think plenty of you are going to love. I wasn’t quite sure what category to put this review in, but my list of XXX game hubs seemed like the most appropriate destination. Besides, two hands are better than one – so why waste your time clicking around a video game when you can just enjoy naughty goodness from them thanks to this tube website?

Naughty Machinima’s homepage experience

When venturing over to the homepage of Naughty Machinima, you’ll instantly be hit with a design that’s very similar to almost all porn tubes on the market these days. At the top of the page you’ve got a standard header link arrangement and then below that, a display of some videos on the site in different block sections. The first one showcases videos currently being watched, but if you scroll down a little you’ll find the most recent uploads to the platform. That’s actually it for the homepage for the most part, so I guess I’ll take a look at a few of the links here before I go ahead and sample some of the content. We all know that smut is the biggest selling point but a reviewer like me has to consider all things when deciding whether or not a tube site devoted to videos from XXX games is worth recommending.

We’ve got the standard videos area here on Naughty Machinima which we’ll cover in more detail later, but the header also has a link to a photos section. Side note: I find it strange that they use the word ‘photo’, when that’s typically used in the context of photography … meaning actual shots taken with a camera. Since the site is devoted to generated entertainment, I think ‘images’ is probably the better title of choice. Anyhow, this page has a few galleries that appear to show screenshots from games among other 3D rendered snaps. Examples include this werewolf and werebear forest fucking as well as a hot choice between Widowmaker from Overwatch with or without a penis between her legs. I prefer my ladies not to have cocks, but this uploader gives you the choice!

The categories at Naughty Machinima

When hitting the category archive for Naughty Machinima, I was pleased to see that there are a number of popular niches available here for punters to select from. Alongside your classic, vanilla tags such as masturbation and BDSM, you’ve also got specialized categories to enjoy things like tentacles and robots. Note that this page defaults to categories for videos, but using the dropdown box at the top you can flip this over to albums if you just want the images. Based on the content counts on the category archive, I’d estimate that Naughty Machinima currently has somewhere around 10,000 uploads for you to enjoy. Is it the biggest tube site on the planet? Far from it, but I’d wager that when it comes to movies focused entirely on video game sex scenes and rendered 3D porn, few places will have the numbers to compete.

Other meta elements of Naughty Machinima

There’s not much else on the website to talk about, but I might as well cover all bases so you really know what you’re in for when visiting this video game porn tube. The community tab basically shows you all of the profiles on the website, as well as a list of the most popular members who’ve uploaded smut to the platform. You can also venture on over to the signup page to grab an account: plenty of benefits await you if you choose to become a member! It’s totally free and I think the biggest selling points are the ability to post comments, subscribe to other users and even upload your own videos if you’ve got some to share. All in all I have to say that I’m quite impressed with what Naughty Machinima has to offer thus far: my only hope is that the content follows suit and they’ve got everything here in the smut department to put a smile on my face.

Naughty Machinima’s content reviewed

Okay gang, it’s about damn time I write up a review on the content now, so let’s get down to it and see what types of videos these guys have in store for us. First up, let’s talk about the type of stuff that I think most people are going to be looking for: rendered 3D scenes starring their favorite sexy characters from various video games. A good example of that would be this clip of Lara Croft taking a big cock in her tight pussy – the dude even plays with her dainty feet while balls deep inside her snatch! We’ve also got this somewhat strange upload straight out of top lane: Riven getting dicked hard by Nasus. Oh and don’t worry if you’re more of an Overwatch guy: searching for that keyword yields a total of 900 uploads – quite the quantity if you ask me.

So yeah, plenty of 3D renders featuring the hottest gaming characters who are often fetishized, but what aside from that will you likely see at Naughty Machinima? I had to hunt a little to uncover different types of material, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of finding other interesting uploads that you might want to jerk your little ding dong to. I think this upload is quite interesting – someone made a mod for Skyrim that allowed his character to get fucked but trolls and you get a few minutes footage showing you all of the features. If you’re a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series and smut, this might just be the clip for you! I also found this dance video of a Lyn from Blade and Soul. Don’t worry about the somewhat youthful appearance: she’s actually hundreds of years old in reality.

The bad side of Naughty Machinima

I always like to balance out reviews as much as possible with some negatives to let you know what I didn’t like about certain places: for me, the adverts here are just a little on the extra side. I regularly found myself getting popups as well as somewhat annoying sidebar ads – there’s also an embedded cam stream at the bottom of all pages which probably does a real number on your bandwidth (a small problem for mobile users). Scenes can be downloaded using the right-click and ‘save as’ choice, but the speeds I got were just so incredibly slow that it’s not even worth it. You don’t have to offer downloads on a tube site to be good, but it’s certainly desirable.

My conclusion on Naughty Machinima

All things considered, I think this place is pretty good. I mean, it’s not a great tube site by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that it’s in such a unique niche means that it has such little competition that I’m struggling to think of alternatives. The design could be improved somewhat and there are plenty of doubly uploaded clips, but on the whole I think video game porn fans will like the XXX clips they find themselves coming across here at Naughty Machinima. It’s a good place to visit and try at the very least – no cost and no account requirements make it a pretty convenient destination to look around for a few minutes before deciding if it’s the hub for you. Anyway, that’s my review over: thanks for reading yet another quality Mr. Porn Geek review – take a look at now!

Review Pros

  • Unique niche
  • Free videos
  • Some image galleries

Review Cons

  • Adverts
  • Some double uploads