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My Fenoxo website review

The first time I heard about Fenoxo was way back in 2013 when he made an AMA on Reddit about raising $100,000 for a text-based pornographic game. In the community of weird porn games, few do it better than this guy – he’s a bit of a bizarre sex game addict and by his own omission, a lot of content features lactation, furries, demons, transsexuals and more. Today though, I’m looking at Fenoxo straight from the point of view of his blog. I review websites – not people – so continue on and I’ll tell you what you’ll find over on this particular website if you’re keen for the hunt.

Looking around Fenoxo.com for the first time

The first thing you’ll notice about Fenoxo’s blog is that it’s not exactly complicated or crazy in its design: it’s kept simple and the content is the most important thing here – not the design of the website. It functions essentially like any standard WordPress blog would: a header full of links, a body of content and a sidebar for related material and handy stuff that you might want to take a look at. The most important header links you’ll probably want to check out include the play area, library of erotic writing and the main Wiki page with sub-links to directories that cover all of the games offered by Fenoxo. Since games are put so front and center here, I think I’m probably going to go ahead and play through some of them. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Playing Trials in Tainted Space on Fenoxo

The first game I got my greasy mitts onto was Trials in Tainted Space, or TITS for short. You can go to the games page and download an SWF if you’d like to store it locally, although I’ve linked the browser-based Flash version above for your convenience. Fenoxo also offers iOS and Android compatible versions if you’re a naughty gamer on the go. Before playing TITS, I suggest looking at the options – you’ll be able to play differently difficulty levels, choose art styles and fiddle with the font sizes. In terms of customization, few adult games on the market today – especially those that are free – provide this much freedom. So far, so good for my review on Fenoxo!

The game begins with a little introduction, followed by character creation. You’ll choose things such as your race, body type, breast size and height. What’s quite interesting is that you can also pick various ‘upgrades’ for your body parts: women, for example, are able to have increased vagina capacity and built-in lubrication – sweet! You’ll eventually be on a ship and have to follow through the storyline while making a few choices about what you’d like to do. I should note ahead of time that TITS is a lengthy title that requires quite some time to enjoy. It’s also based almost entirely on text prompts, so I hope you’ve got your reading glasses ready: you’ll be sifting through a hell of a lot of text.

Be sure to monitor your stats on the right-hand side, such as your reflexes, energy, health and so on. Note that you’ve also got levels and credits to collect and progress through: TITS isn’t going to be something you can complete in just a few minutes. You’ve got to be a patron of the arts to enjoy this particular title if I’m being honest – it’s never going to be a quick source of erotic entertainment. Mr. Porn Geek played TITS for around 45 minutes before I decided I’d seen enough to comment favorably on this title – I love the decision making nature of the game and just how much text there is to go through. If you love a good read, this is the game for you.

Corruption of Champions II: Fenoxo’s other games

Alongside TITS, Fenoxo also has Corruption of Champions II – a sequel to yup, you guessed it, Corruption of Champions. CoC II has a slightly different layout and design to TITS, but the idea behind the game is exactly the same: you have a bar at the bottom of the game that you use to select a number of options that progress you through a text-based adventure. You’ll find yourself being a member of one of five races in the world of Savarra – I went with Orc because I’m nasty like that.

After going through a few more options, I eventually started CoC II in Hawkethorne village: the weather was terrible, but an adventure soon developed as a damsel in distress by the name of Cait needed tending to. I don’t want to go over the plot too much here, but the game has a nice old-timey feel to it – like a text-based version of Skyrim or something. You will eventually engage in combat with various enemies, such as Cultists and the like. Combat’s not overly complicated, but it requires a bit of strategy at times from what I’ve read. I played CoC for about half an hour – it was enjoyable and something I can see myself losing hours to if I didn’t have this review to write! I especially like after battles that you get coins, equipment and experience – all of which function similarly to how they do in other titles. I think that CoC is probably my favorite out of the two games I played, but yeah: they’re both great.

My final thoughts on Fenoxo and his games

Honestly, I’m blown away at the quality of these free to play adult games: Fenoxo has spent a decent chunk of his life devoted to these projects and you cannot fault the final product. The text-based nature of the titles are interesting but honestly, the execution is something that leaves little to be desired. It’s a porn game choose your own adventure story – what’s not to love? It might not be for everyone, but if you like erotic fantasy tales and the like, be sure to visit the Fenoxo game catalog when you get the chance.

Review Pros

  • In-depth games
  • Lots of options
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Limited visuals
  • Flash-based