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Plumber and Princess

Plumber & Princess is one of the hardest games that Mr. Porn Geek has ever played. Will you get to fuck Peach as Mario? Only the best gamers will be able to!


The Horny Games

I don't think that The Horny Games is that great, sadly. It's supposed to be a sex game parody of The Hunger Games, but it fell well short of my expectations.


Whore RPG Hentai

Whore RPG doesn’t bother being politically correct. The characters are whores and the game does a great job proving it every moment!


Dong of Hearts

Dong of Hearts goes balls deep into the RPG aspects of porn gaming. Great characters in a typical love story that turns XXX with really hot visuals and audio.


League of Futa

League of FUTA is perfect if you have ever played league of legends, defense of the ancients or any other MOBA and wishes there was more fucking!


Lust Epidemic

If you have been horny and passive porn isn’t getting the job done for you anymore, check out Lust Epidemic where you can control all the action!


Behind The Dune

Go beyond where Dune left off in this Sci-Fi sex game where spice isn’t the most important commodity anymore as cum takes it’s place in priority



Slutty 3D Teens turn you on? Take a look at Chloe 18, the hottest new title in the niche with this complete game review from Mr Porn Geek


My Great Teachers Part 2

My Great Teachers: Part 2 is a decent sequel to an enjoyable XXX game. This title is particularly aimed toward those who enjoy BBW and other curvy women!


Leisure Yacht

Leisure Yacht is a beta porn game where you find yourself on an expensive boat with a bunch of sexy bitches. Which sister will you fuck?


Hentai Diaries

Hentai Diaries is one of those games where your decisions actually matter. Can you date the sexiest anime girl and fuck her just right? Put your skills to the test!


Hentai Heroes

A fantasy world devoted to crazy hentai fun. This game is a fully fleshed MMORPG with elements of skill-based fighting, storyline driven hentai comics and more – a perfect dirty anime sex gaming experience.



When you are in dire need of a nice jerking off session Mavis Dracula is here to show you a pleasant time with minimal engagement on your side. The cute girl waiting for you here is one of the types that love strange shit so you know she is as hot as they get in the bedroom.


Pokemon Off White

Here is a game that puts you in the position of training fuckable Pokemon, and fucking the brains out of them while you showcase them in your gallery of pets.


Pokemon Moon Trainer

Here is a game that puts you in the position of fucking four cute girls in a Pokemon game setting, and while you are fucking the brains out of them they are already ready for a swim after the hot sex.


SIMSEH 2 Milkania

This is an adult flash game about an alien who travels the universe looking for some alien pussy. Yes, you read it right, from his perspective he is looking for alien pussy


No Vacancy

Want to laugh your ass off and have a nice time playing a game? No Vacancy is the perfect game for you then. The main character gets in all sorts of funny fuck situations in this really cool hotel he stumbles upon.


Strip Poker With Chloe

When you want to play a nice game of strip-poker, Strip Poker with Chloe is here to ease the pain and get you hard. The cute black-haired girl waiting for you here is one the slutty types.


Teaching President 2

When you are in dire need of a nice jerking off session Teaching President 2 is here to show you a pleasant time with minimal engagement on your side. The cute girl waiting for you here is one the nerdy types so you know she is as kinky as they get in the bedroom.


Umichan Maiko

When a school and a classroom are so hyped up and horny, they just can’t contain themselves and fuck everywhere that is the true color of the Umichan Maiko Classroom Shenanigans browser game.


Fuck Town Seductive

Great looking RPG game Fuck Town: Seductive RPG 2 is here, and it will have you entertained for hours and hours until you blow your load time after time.


Akiza Izinski

If your wish is to jerk it off quickly and be on with the rest of your day, then Ariza Izinski is the right game for you. Take this little brunette, lift her skirt and shirt and cum in that sweet young "Yu-Gi-Oh" pussy.


Bron’s Quest

The ambitious game Bron's quest puts you in the shoes of Bron the paid mercenary and sweet Erin. It is a game where you take a journey through the kingdom where funny things happen, and even funnier shit comes out of everybody's mouth.


Porn Bastards Korra

Have you ever fantasized about fucking the main character of the popular American cartoon The Legend of Korra? If you did, then we have got a perfect game for you. Come and get your freak on with the lovely Korra while she is in chains.


Crusoe Had It Easy

Robinson Crusoe is one of the most popular stories in the world, and 'Crusoe has it easy' takes this unsuspecting story and turns it upside down. So grab a mouse in one hand and a dick in the other and come join the fun.


Blown By A Ladyboy

Here we have a sort of "clip" where a young ladyboy sucks off an unsuspecting guy in a massage chair. So if you are into that kind off stuff, join in on the fun and have a good time.


Foot Massage

Foot massage is a really good game that has a good storyline and some decent sex scenes.


Niicri Raphtalia

This is an interesting game called Niicri Raphtalia, and it has some nice fucking scenes and excellent voice acting in it!


Pokemon Hentai Gallery

Come look at the extensive gallery of hot Pokemon and situations that the main characters of the popular cartoon can get into!


Fairy Tail Shower Foursome

The popular Anime has its sexy game adaptation, and it is frantic ass hell. Here you can have a fun time with the main characters of the show.


Futurama Sex

Characters from the popular American cartoon Futurama have fun with each other in this cute memory game. They suck and fuck each other in a wide display of pictures you earn by finishing levels.


Kitty Hentai

The sexy catgirl is here and wants you and only you. She wants you to have your way and show her what a real man can do with his big dick. Have sex with a cute girl in the game, Kitty Hentai.


Porn Bastards Ino

The sexy kunoichi from the village of Konoha is here, and she wants you to have your way and show her what a true ninja can do with his big dick. Have sex with Ino Yamanaka and re-live your fantasies!


Premium Strip Poker

When you want to play a nice game of strip-poker, Premium Strip Poker has what it takes to make you cum in your wants. The sweet brunette is waiting for you here, and she has eyes only for the gentleman with the money.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an iconic movie when I was growing up, and it still is! So if you want to fuck that hot fiery redhead everybody fantasized about when they were little, then here is your chance!


Meet And Fuck The Plumber

Today, you are a plumber that gets so lucky it's hard to comprehend someone having so much luck in life. But there you are, and there Mrs. Styles is, and there her big tits are, so jump in and have a great time!


Fiora Blood Ties

When in need of a story-based game that you can engage and have fun with Fiora: Blood Ties is here. This here is a simple yet fun little game consisting of where you can fuck the main character of the popular game.


Dreaming With Elsa

You have a massive crush on Elsa who owns a little bookshop on your delivery route. Working for a publishing house is hard and the best part of your day is to see Elsa and get a glimpse of her beautiful eyes and sexy body.


Orgasm Girl

Somehow, you ended up in her bedroom. She is asleep, but she looks so sexy, and you cannot control yourself. If only you could do something about it before she wakes up? Check out Orgasm Girl and find out.


Pussymon 2

It seems that Dragon Queen has asked you to join a Pokemon tournament. The only way to join is by asking Lara for help, and she wants 8 Pussymons for herself. Do you have what it takes?



It seems that the Princess is quite upset and pissed off. The only way to make her feel better is for her bodyguard Evangelique to take matters into her hands, and fingers, and tongue. A fantastic lesbian adventure featuring two smoking hot babes.


Play With Us Episode 1

You got lucky! Emma, a hot blond from your college classes, is meeting you after school. If you only had actual experience with girls, you would be able to take advantage of this situation. Time to rise up to the challenge!


Babysitting Cream

It seems that Sonic is gonna have his hands full with Cream this week. Her mother Vanilla has left on a trip and left her in your capable hands to babysit. This would be easy if Cream weren’t so hot. Can you pull off this babysitting gig?


Furry Land

You have entered a circus called Furry Land, where you are greeted by Ra, Artemis, and Balam. Three incredibly hot furries. It is time to put your skills to test, as you try to have your way with each one of them.


Pimp Clicker v1.14

This great clicker puts you in the shoes of a Wild West pimp, trying to grow your empire. Train multiple girls, rake in the cash and pleasure countless men on your way to building your whore kingdom.


Daughter for Dessert ch11

This is the 11th chapter of the sexy saga taking place in a family-run restaurant. You are struggling to make it in this business, and it is always a blast to watch them get into all kinds of sexy mess.


Monster Maze BDSM

You are caught up in the interdimensional war and your sexy savior Avery was kidnapped by evil monsters. While trying to save Avery, you will encounter various BDSM-themed challenges you have to beat in order to save her.


Tentacle Sluts

Our four heroines have all dreamed about getting ravaged by giant tentacles, making them cum again and again. You get a chance to witness their sexual escapades first hand, as giant tentacles bring them to orgasm.


Office in Japan

Japanese business culture is difficult for Westerners. It gets much easier when you have a hot Japanese partner to make everything go smoothly. It is time to thank her, the proper way, by having some hot sex after work.


Sweet Anais

Anais is a sexy Nubian bombshell about to rock your world. As she sits on the couch, teasing you, all you can think about is getting inside of her. Not so fast! Anais is looking only for the best lovers. Do you have what it takes?


Fort of The Naughty World

A sexy young girl has gotten lost in the woods and ends up in an underground dungeon. Do you have what it takes to guide her from this place full of danger and monsters? Only one way to find out.


Meet & Fuck Detective RPG

Private detective McClain has been hired to find a wealthy landowner’s long lost daughter in America. Follow McClain as he cruises around Springfield, MA, seducing women, and extracting valuable information to solve his case.


Daughter for Dessert ch7

This is the 7th chapter of the sexy saga taking place in a family-run restaurant. A father and daughter are struggling to make it in this business, and it is always a blast to watch them get into all kinds of sexy mess.


Window Girl Hacked Ver

Hot next-door neighbor was careless and got stuck in the window frame. With her massive tits hanging out of the window and her butt exposed, she is ripe for some sexual manipulation without consequence. Dig in!


Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc

After getting a hairpin from a stranger, Maiko’s life suddenly starts to change. She is feeling urges that she has never felt before, and there are dark forces at large that are out to get to her. Can you help Maiko make it? Only one way to find out!


Mind Control Your Boss

After getting a new job you are faced with the fact that your new boss is a stone-cold bitch. You have to navigate her moods and use the mind control software developed by a stranger to get back at her.


Legend of Krystal Another Tail

Krystal and her friend Fox are fighter jet pilots, and they have crash-landed on a hostile planet. Krystal has been stripped of all her belongings and now has to find a way to get off this rock. She will have to use all of her assets to get it done!


Lesbian Ride

A sexy biker chick Sonia has landed herself into a bit of trouble with the law and needs to come up with $1500 in cash to make it to the Daytona Bike Festival. Can you help her get out of trouble and make it?


Trapped Girl

The sexy girl next door was reckless and got stuck in the frame of her bedroom window. With her lovely tits hanging out of the window and her butt exposed, she is ripe for some sexual manipulation. Do you have what it takes to take her over the edge?


All The Way Through

A silly tentacle fetish XXX game, featuring a unicorn-like girl suspended mid-air and probed by tentacles surrounding her. If you are into tentacle porn, this might be a title for you.


Kasumi Rebirth

A sexy clicker XXX game Kasumi: Rebirth puts you in the role of Kasumi’s captor, as you use your imagination to bring Kasumi over the edge and fulfill all of your sexual fantasies.


Mario is Missing PUT 2

Peach flips the script in this Super Mario Porn parody. Follow MrPornGeek's review of Peach’s sexcapades as she tries to save Mario!


Metroid Strip

Who doesn’t enjoy a sexy striptease, especially when a girl is scorching hot. Would you be willing to wage intergalactic war to accomplish this? If you want to find out, check out Metroid Strip!


Window Girl (Nukanakucha!)

Sexy neighbor wanted to sneak out of her bedroom only to get stuck in the window frame. Her sexy breasts, long legs, and a juicy butt are all at your disposal. What are you going to do?


Lara’s Punishment

This mind-control simulation features a robot called Robozou that will help you along the way as you try to submit your mother and sister and get freaky with them. You should check this one out if you dig mind-control and incest roleplay.


Robozou Doll Play

Do you enjoy mind control? How about making women do things that make you hard? Then Robozou Doll Play is the mind-control simulation game for you!


Team Titans Trainer

Ever dreamed of having Starfire of Teen Titans in your bed? You can do it now by playing Team Titans Trainer with MrPornGeek. Go and check it out!


Aching Dreams Fantasy

If you are ready to bust your chops to get laid as you navigate Alaria, Aching Dreams: Fantasy Hentai Date Sim v1.2n is the game for you!