Strip Poker With Chloe Review

Strip Poker With Chloe


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Mr. Porn Geek plays Strip Poker with Chloe

Mr. Porn Geek is known to be someone that reviews games with real attention to detail and reviewing Strip poker with Chole will not miss out on it either. As soon as the game opened, I waited for it to download and start, I noticed there were no instructions on how to actually play the game, but that was not a problem I love a challenge. As the game started, I realized how it works, and first I took a moment and looked at how the game looks from the outside looking in.

The game looks like it’s meant to be played by naughty gamblers that were hooked on these kinds of games a long time ago, and now they just stop by from time to time to ease the pain of the past. The name Strip Poker with Chloe sounds precise about what the game is offering, so no surprise there. You don’t need to try out the game to know what’s going on here, but because I am all about team play, I will try it out. Let us see what could possibly go right with a setup like this. Continue reading to hear what Mr. Porn Geek has to say about this.

How the gameplay for Strip Poker with Chloe works

The game loads. A screen appears, and you imagine you are somewhere alone with sweet Chloe playing a game of strip poker. The hot raven-haired lady has her sights only for you, and she will probably go to the next guy after the game is over, but It doesn’t matter. She’ll undress if you win anyway. You get 200 dollars for free, and she gets 400. Not pretty fair If you ask me but ok. Okay, let’s get going. If you have never played strip poker before or just regular poker this is the chance to learn. You start by dealing with the cards and choosing how much money you want to bet.

Then start by selecting the cards you want to throw out and placing how much money you want to bet. If you’re going to stay with your cards, you can do that also, or you can switch with her’s If you so prefer. I hear some not so impressive music playing, but I wish to see the lovely lady naked, and I can’t stop now. When I have better cards then Chole I win the money, and the sweet lady is smiling but is still fully dressed. I start thinking something is wrong but then, hey! She began unzipping her shirt and caressing her tits. Great! Now I just need to win some more games and undress her fully.

My actual thoughts about Strip Poker with Chloe

My first impressions of Strip poker with Chloe obviously weren’t so spectacular. But when I think about it, the game fulfills its purpose and brings to the table just what you should expect from a game like this. For Mr. Porn Geek it didn’t do much actually, but for someone that loves playing games like this, this isn’t such a bad game to play if you are bored. Moving on, the overall design of the game is good but boring, and the few options you have are not because the designers were lazy, it is just because this game is meant to be played like that.

The girl looks fine, and the moment you start winning, she starts undressing. You can have fun with this game for some time, but don’t expect a title that is going to blow your brains out. It is nothing you couldn’t pass on a whim, The few extra features like bonus money and three cheats are just here to make it more enticing, but don’t bring anything special to the table.

Review Pros
  • Slick and simplistic design
  • Easy gameplay
Review Cons
  • Boring design
  • Boring music