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Play Force One: the MPG Review

Howdy gang – Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m coming to you with an all-new review of an erotic Flash game hub that goes by the name of Play Force One. I’ve spent the better part of the last month searching hundreds of websites for the best adult games around and to be honest with you, really hit the right spots in regard to its initial appeal and general design approach to its website. For that reason I’ve decided to give it the complete Mr. Porn Geek review – so keep reading and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this site and all of its porn games!

The initial experience at Play Force One

So when you land on the homepage of this site, you’ll see a list of recommended erotic games and pretty much nothing else. While many websites have extra areas to go for a bunch of different reasons, Play Force One is all about giving you the games and nothing else. I actually struggled to find something else to talk about here, but there are categories that I can go over, so that’s probably the best thing to look at before we sample the wares. I’m champing at the bit to try out these tasty looking titles, but I’ve got to be an honest reviewer and consider all parts of the site before I deliver my verdict!

There are five main categories at Play Force One, which are: dating sim, adventure, arcade, logical and tease. All categories have at least a dozen available titles, although some are more developed than others. Take the dating game category for instance: I counted just under 90 games here – quite a decent chunk! Still, that’s quite a far way off of the 200+ available in the adventure area of – now we’re talking big boy numbers. Okay, that’s about enough of the website talked about for now: how about we jump in and actually try some of these titles out for size? Everyone knows that when it comes to great porn game websites, the only thing that matters is how good your content is.

Living with Lana – Play Force One

The first game I decided to try out went by the name of Living with Lana. I’m not actually too sure what the relationship is between this website and Lesson of Passion, but LoP is a pretty big producer of adult games that I’ve seen across various websites before, so I think we’re in capable hands. Anyway, after loading up Living with Lana, I started a new game and was given a small introduction to the plot of the game and given all the information I needed on Lana to make the title feel at least somewhat engaging. This particular game functions like a dating simulator where you have different resources to manage and decisions to make. If you manage to perform well, you’ll be rewarded with some sex!

Decisions include things like watching TV to increase your morale or eating healthy food to boost fitness. You can also head to the computer room where you’ll have to decide whether or not to jerk off to porn (which provides you with sexual experience) or study art – I think you can probably guess what I went for when given these two options. You can also do stuff like sell newspapers which earns you a little cash – this will come in useful later, so it might be a smart idea to consider balancing your time appropriately in order to be both fit, savvy and loaded. It’s quite funny just how similar dating simulators are to the real thing – they manage to capture the difficulty of being a guy in his 20s so damn well. My overall opinion of this game is insanely positive: it’s quite addictive and Lana’s pretty fucking gorgeous when you get down to business.

Crusoe Had It Easy – Play Force One

Crusoe Had It Easy was the next porn game here at I went with and I think I made a pretty decent decision. The plot’s actually quite funny: you find yourself stuck on a gorgeous desert island and the only person to keep you company is a cousin who happens to be insanely attractive. Sophie’s a sexy blonde anime babe with a nice pair of tits and a big, beautiful pair of blue eyes that make you rock hard whenever you see them. She’s only 18 years of age but as we all know, that’s pretty much perfect when it comes to banging.

I have to actually commend the team behind this game because the artwork, sound and text are really fucking fantastic. The scenes were a particular favorite and I think you’ll agree with my analysis after playing for ten or so minutes. It’s so refreshing to have an adult game that looks polished for once – many sites I review have Flash titles that look like they were made 15 years ago. The gameplay here is made up of decisions via text – you have multiple options and they basically point the story various ways. It’s pretty interactive and immersive: I liked this one a lot.

Final thoughts on Play Force One

While I only wrote reviews on two of the games, I ended up playing 5 in total and honestly, I enjoyed every single one of them. The quality here is above average for the genre and for me, that’s a major selling point. Most of the sites in this category suffer from a lack of quality gaming entertainment, but Play Force One has the goods that will keep people around for a long time to come. Definitely make this one of the first places you go for XXX gaming online: the gameplay and the artwork are both fantastic, plus you’ve got hundreds of options to go through and they’re all pretty decent when compared to other websites I’ve mentioned over the last month or so.

Final verdict: Play Force One is a free porn game destination you’ll get addicted to in no time at all – take a look today!

Review Pros

  • Hundreds of games
  • Free to play
  • High average quality

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • No sorting options