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Checking out Lewd Zone

When I visit a website that promises me free adult games, I can’t help but get a little bit excited about the prospect of finding ultra-enjoyable jerk-off titles that will keep my ding dong happy for an eternity. LewdZone.com is one such place that allegedly offers this type of action, but I think we know by now that you can’t always trust porn sites – they’ve got a history of overselling and underperforming. Thankfully, Mr. Porn Geek is here to save the day and I’m going to let you know all about Lewd Zone and the free XXX games it has to offer. Let’s get into it and see what this place is all about, shall we?

Lewd Zone – from the homepage onward

Landing on the homepage of Lewd Zone, you’ll see that the bulk of the content area is devoted to what it describes as its featured adult games. These are presented in a slider with teaser images and just below that section, Lewd Zone has a list of the most popular releases on its platform. Go down further and you’ll find a collection of the most recently updated adult games on the platform – I’m pleased to see that updates flow in at least once a day and many games get patched on a regular basis to add new content and fix any bugs. They’ve also got animations here, but we’ll go into those a little more when the time’s right. For now, I want to do some more exploring with regard to the meta aspects of LewdZone.com.

Exploring Lewd Zone’s website

One interesting thing that you don’t see on many websites is a list of changes made to the platform itself – Lewd Zone has one listed under its change log page though. The last site change was around 2 weeks ago and they flow in often at least once a month, so yeah – quite cool to know that this place is kept as fresh as possible to improve the user experience. I also want to talk about accounts here, since I know some of you are going to be interested in the deal that they have.

See, currently on Lewd Zone, there are adverts on most pages that might distract you from your erotic gaming. You can use an ad-blocker if you’re so inclined, but Lewd Zone also allows you to grab a membership via Patreon that only costs $1 per month at its lowest tier. You can pay up to $100 per month, but the folks behind the site make it clear that you don’t get any real special benefits and that it’s only there for a whale to come along and pledge toward if they really like the content released by Lewd Zone. You’re not required to get a premium account to enjoy the website, but here’s the Patreon link just in case you want to donate to the website.

Looking through the genres at Lewd Zone

I do love the fact that some websites have category pages to assist refining the content that visitors might want to enjoy and the good news is that Lewd Zone has one too. On the category archive, you’ll find quite a huge number of tags to pick from, including common interests such as anal, BDSM, threesomes and more. It’s not just the standard niches covered though and if your tastes are more refined, Lewd Zone also assists in that regard. I found weird and wonderful categories on this page including the likes of sissification, monster girls and lactation. Plenty of you geeky freaks are into all sorts of X-rated themes, so I think it’s just as well that the team behind this website are able to deliver on pretty much any fantasy known to man.

Okay, I think I’ve spoken enough about the website itself – let’s play some games now to see if they’re any good. This is, of course, the most important part of the review!

Lewd Zone: Last Man

It was almost immediately upon seeing the title alone for Last Man that I decided this was going to be one game I just had to try. Do note that this game is required to be downloaded: it’s a whopping 1.75 GB in size as of March 2019 and I highly doubt with all of that data that it’s able to be stuffed into a simple Flash game. I grabbed my copy from Mega.nz and I was pleased that it offered me a full 16 MB/s download speed – completely capping out my 100 Mb/s connection.

As the title suggests, Last Man takes place in a world where all men in the planet have died – except you. No one’s quite sure what caused the epidemic, but you’re not too bothered, since every single woman on the planet is hungry for some erotic attention and you’re the only one that can give them a proper good dicking! You’ll get a backstory when loading up the game for the very first time and then get control over your character. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to do stuff like flirt with random chicks, take girls home with you, buy food (for experience) and even steal batteries from vibrators. The game is actually quite well developed and I played for around 30 minutes before I decided it was time to try something else. Honestly, I would have stayed for longer, but I needed to look at other titles on the site before I spent all day playing just a single game.

LewdZone: My Sister, My Roommate

Life’s tough when you’re young and you’re horny, especially when you’ve got to live with your sister. This is the central theme behind My Sister, My Roommate and since it’s currently in its 12th edition, I have little reason to think that this is anything less than a great game with lots of good old fashioned family fun.

This game begins with Nikki complaining that you’ve got to stay in the girls’ dorm with her at your new University. There was a mix-up at the admin office and since all rooms are taken, the two of you will be staying together for quite some time. This game is basically a choice-based, story driven production where you have to decide between doing things like sneaking a peek of her in the shower or just going downstairs to the kitchen to fix yourself a bite to eat. Since I’m a bit of a pervert I jumped at the first opportunity I had to see Nikki nude: this turned out to be a major mistake as I ended up getting caught, which meant mom sent me off to the army and I died during basic training. Okay – so I guess I need to slow play this particular title in order to avoid death: guess I’ll be making use of the ‘quick load’ feature quite a bit on this particular title.

On my second play-through I decide to go downstairs when I have my first option and see mom with a woman called Mrs. Sollain. Let’s just say that the tits on this one are something very special indeed – I’ve always enjoyed a good MILF and she practically defines the word. Anyway, I won’t spoil the plot, but it turns out that this particular cougar has an issue with drinking a little more than she ought to and well – that ends up with something very erotic happening. All in all, quite a good game if you ask me: certainly worth a play-through if you’re looking for a ‘choose your own adventure’ title.

The conclusion on LewdZone

While Lewd Zone doesn’t actually publish its own games, it does act as a fantastic repository for great titles that have been picked owing to their high quality. Third-party hosting isn’t exactly ideal and it does take some trust to download and install a porn game, but I ran 7 of the .exes I tried from these guys and none of them had any issues to speak of with regard to viruses or Malware. It’s an interesting site and with such great porn games, I don’t think too many of you will be disappointed with what you come across. All in all, an experience I won’t forget and honestly, one of the better places you can go online for XXX gaming. Check out Lewd Zone today and see for yourself – I think you’ll have quite the pleasant experience.

Review Pros

  • High quality games
  • Free to download
  • Categorized content

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Third-party hosting