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XXX games by H-Flash

H-Flash.com, or Hentai Flash as it’s also known, is an XXX manga game website devoted to offering you dozens of playable titles directly from your Internet browser. I’ve had a lot of folks email me over the last few weeks who love my gaming website reviews and can’t get enough of my recommendations: that’s why I’m coming at you again with yet another review of a stellar hub if you want free hentai gaming fun. Anyway, now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks and see what XXX gaming is on offer here, shall we? I personally can’t wait to try out everything that H-Flash has to offer. Continue reading below for the full Mr. Porn Geek review of H-Flash.com!

H-Flash review: homepage and onward

As is customary here at Mr. Porn Geek, I decided to kick off my review at the H-Flash homepage. The first content area you’ll come across is devoted to showing you the latest hentai flash games added to the site – I can’t comment on how frequently these are updated, but I saw a few that were added in the last week alone, so it doesn’t seem like fresh gaming action is a rare commodity here on H-Flash. Anyhow, a little further down there’s another area devoted to the ‘hottest’ titles they’ve got: I imagine this is based on things like rating, time played and number of visits. Elsewhere on the page, you’ve got a pretty feature-rich header bar that’ll take you anywhere on the site you need to go: I guess it’s a good time to go over these before we play some games.

First up, the categories page is pretty sweet if you’re picky about the type of hentai games you want to enjoy. We’re talking tags such as schoolgirl games, dress up titles and even hentai quizzes if those are your thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mr. Porn Geek is a fan of variety, so the fact that there’s something for everyone’s taste buds gives me nothing but positive things to think about with regard to H-Flash.com. I just love that no only one type of gamer is accommodated for here: it seems that whatever draws you to a website devoted to hentai-focused games, H-Flash is going to pull out all the stops to deliver some juicy entertainment directly to your PC.

Sorting H-Flash’s anime games

I think it’s also worth pointing out that if you’re keen on only seeing the crème de la crème, it’d be in your best interests to visit H-Flash’s lists of the top games and hot games. I’m not quite sure what the differences are between these two sorting options, but the results differ wildly, so it’s worth considering looking at both from time to time. It stands to reason that a website with over 1,000 hentai games is probably going to have a few that aren’t quite sound, so as a general rule, looking at the best is likely the best step forward if you’re new here. Let the wisdom of the crowds guide you: I’ve got a feeling that if anyone knows a good hentai gaming experience, it’s going to be anime-addicted weebs that vote over at H-Flash all day long.

Let’s play some H-Flash games!

Okay, so I think I’ve done enough meta discussion for now: how about we fire up a game and have some fun? After all, that’s the entire point of H-Flash.com existing. So to begin with, I went ahead and tried out Slave Lord – it’s a pretty story-driven adventure that actually has an hour or two of playtime, so strap yourself in because this can be a long-haul Flash game! You’ve got energy, hunger and mental state too – make sure you manage the evil kingdom successfully and you might just get lucky with some great sex! Slave Lord is a bit of a favorite on H-Flash.com and I played it for around 30 minutes before realizing that I needed to try some other titles out … so far, my experience has been nothing but positive.

I was actually a Challenger in League of Legends back in Season 5 when Rammus was broken – that’s why my next game of choice was Ahri: Huntress of Souls. Everyone knows that when it comes to the idea of fucking a champion, few are more attractive to your average gamer than Ahri. This game is actually allegedly in beta, but the ‘gameplay’ element seems to be little more than commanding what Ahri ought to do with her fingers, pussy and asshole. Hell, you can even get this foxy little slut to suck your cock before you bust a fat nut between her hungry lips. The artwork is quite cool and there are even noises to go along with the 3D renders: this is a perfect choice for people who just want to jerk off to some interactive hentai as quickly as possible.

Criticism of H-Flash in a nutshell

I’ll keep this section short and sweet, because I don’t have too much to rage about here. That said, I think it goes without saying that Flash games aren’t exactly all that amazing and the format itself is dated to say the very least. There are better ways of having games on websites now that don’t open themselves up to a wide array of vulnerabilities: there are risks associated with Flash and that’s why a majority of browsers are starting to phase out the usage of it as quickly as they can. You should be fine on H-Flash.com since I’ve ran a scan and the website seems fine, but just be skeptical of most websites that ask you to enable Flash: it’s not the smartest thing to do from a security point of view.

My H-Flash.com conclusion

So to wrap this puppy up in a single paragraph: I had a lot of fun on H-Flash and with so many titles to pick from, it’s hard to go wrong with a visit. I mean let’s just be real for a second here – how many other hentai-focused gaming destinations are there with 1,000+ choices for you to select from? You’re spoiled for choice and the average game here is quite good: lots of studios and not a penny required enjoying it all. For Mr. Porn Geek, this is one of the best Flash-based gaming libraries on the Internet if you like hentai games! Check it out today if you know what’s good for you.

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Free to play
  • Multiple categories

Review Cons

  • Flash-based
  • Some adverts