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More great blowjob focused action!

A lot of you folks have been messaging me lately, requesting that I go and hunt down places that focus exclusively on blowjobs. It seems that everyone out there really likes cock sucking porn and cannot get enough of seeing young, sexy whores with hot mouths going to town on a big fat shaft. Luckily for you blowjob porn addicts, I’ve come across Swallowed and honestly, I can’t wait to tell you what this place is like. We’re talking about taking head to whole new levels of extreme here – continue reading as I venture inside and tell you what’s up for grabs!

Lengthy HD videos of great cock suckers

Let me begin by telling you that unlike lots of other sites that don’t update often, Swallowed releases around 2 new scenes on a weekly basis. Yup – that’s right – you can watch some world-class dick sucking action here that’s entirely fresh twice a week! The content is 100% exclusive too, so don’t expect to see these amazing videos of gorgeous blowjob queens getting down to business anywhere else on the Internet. Oh, I should also commend the interior for having a great design – these guys sure know how to put together an attractive member’s area!
Great blowjob content
So what about the content? In a lot of cases, these girls are giving blowjobs for 30, if not 40 minutes at a time. Clips can be solo, but from time to time they have two or more ladies working together for the purposes of pleasuring a cock. It’s not just blowjobs either – you’ll find anal rimming from naughty sluts and even a little pussy munching if they do a good job. That said, a bulk of the porn is just a girl with a fat shaft down her throat: get used to gagging fellas, because these girls want nothing more than to choke on a stick of meat while the whole world watches them.

The girls gagging on girthy dicks

As for talent, some of the latest pornstars who’ve done the deed at Swallowed include Arietta Adams, Scarlett Bloom, Julie Kay, Blair Williams, Sadie Blake and Aria Lee. If you were only expecting to find white sluts in the mix, think again! They’ve got ethnic broads for days and boy, do the ladies from overseas know a thing or two about making a cock happy. Did I mention that videos here are provided in full 1080p HD? Yup – you can download them directly to your computer for local storage too! Swallowed just keeps getting better and better.

My final thoughts

When push comes to shove, Swallowed delivers some top-tier videos and images of the best girls from around the block that enjoy sucking dick and don’t mind sharing that skill with the entire world. Sign up today and see some of these pretty little sluts put their blowjob skills on display – Mr. Porn Geek approves of Swallowed.com and he has no doubt that you’re going to love every last scene that they have waiting inside.

Review Pros

  • Multiple weekly updates
  • Full 1080p HD videos
  • Great blowjob action

Review Cons

  • No bonus websites
  • No live streams