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Read Indian Sex Stories

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Well well well – I figured that was going to be the only Indian themed erotic story site on the Internet worth going to, but I guess I was wrong. Mr. Porn Geek has done it again – he’s found another site! It goes by the name of Read Indian Sex Stories and yeah, I’m guessing that you already know what this place is all about. The design could probably be a little better, but alongside the erotic text is also a bunch of videos that you can check out. Let’s get into the content itself and see what’s up for grabs on this site, shall we?

Firstly, in terms on numbers, you’re looking at about 2,000 or so. Not the biggest archive around, but it does have category content like adultery, BDSM, group sex and lesbian text. The erotic stories here are mainly in English, but a few written in Hindi are available if that’s what you want. There’s a mixture of high quality and semi-bad stories here, so be sure to pick out the good ones before you go reading for too long. There’s also a video section if you want to enjoy some adult clips of Indian guys and girls having fun. This site’s pretty good!

Review Pros

  • Category list
  • Some videos
  • Some Hindi text

Review Cons

  • Small archive
  • Lots of adverts