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MrPornGeek reviews porn vids on Property Sex

If you’ve ever been on a porn site, then we’re sure you know exactly what Property Sex is. However, for virgins out there, Property Sex is estate agents fucking people coming to view a house pretty much. In some scenes, the sexy lady is an estate agent who desperately needs to sell a house because of some reason that is really important. In other scenes, the lady is the viewer of the home and fucks the estate agent for a discount, because that is how sales work kids! Finally, the lady could also be the homeowner who hasn’t found an estate agent to sell her home, and this estate agent decides to fuck her to get her on board his firm.

That’s pretty much PropertySex in a nutshell. They are fairly decent porn films if you like the more tame porn that you find a shit load of on free sites like PornHub.  Property Sex is available on PornHub, but only as a quick version of the scene, to see the full scene, you need to come on to PropertySex and pay for a full membership. The membership on PropertySex is actually very affordable, unlike a lot of porn sites, so that’s nice because I can’t see many people signing up for PropertySex.

The design of Property Sex

As PropertySex is one of the biggest names in porn (or at least, it is created by some of the bigger names in porn), you won’t be surprised to know that Property Sex is a very nicely designed website. The design of this site is very modern and fresh and the porn is always at the forefront, no matter what page you’re on.

The front page of this site has a few of the latest scenes at the top of the page and then as you scroll down you are confronted by recently active girls and then some more popular real estate porn videos. This fresh and crisp design is sorely missing from other sites and makes PropertySex look and feel excellent. The speeds on PropertySex are also fantastic. Even though we cannot view any of the porn because we aren’t paying members of Property Sex, we can view trailers by hoovering over each thumbnail, and they work flawlessly with no load time at all.

I am very impressed with Property Sex, the site feels and looks great, and there is plenty of content for non-paying guests so that they can get a feel for the porn and the girls featured on the site.

The porn on Property Sex for non-paying guests

For non-paying guests on Property Sex, there isn’t a lot of porn. As I mentioned, there are some trailers available on PropertySex, but you can’t play them full screen, and I am pretty sure they only work on computer. You have to hover your mouse over the video and this plays a very short but sweet trailer for the scene with no sound.

That is pretty much everything that Property Sex offers in terms of porn to non-paying guests. Of course, most of us have seen their porn offerings on free sites, but couldn’t they add these trailers to this site too? There are some stunningly sexy women on PropertySex which do a great job at advertising the porn, but I can’t help but feel this site should offer us a little more to get us interested.

There is a trailer at the top of the homepage that goes into detail about what PropertySex is all about (also with no sound), and there are 12 other videos on the homepage to convince you that you need to sign up Property Sex. I don’t think I am convinced, sadly.

Additional features for Property Sex to consider

I say this a lot about free porn, but I think Property Sex need to consider adding more free content. If we can’t decide whether we like the porn you are offering, we won’t sign up. We work hard for our money and you need to have a good reason for trying to take some of it every month.

I think better quality video trailers with sound would do wonders for PropertySex. Right now, it feels like they are expecting us to have seen their real estate sex videos on other porn sites, but you shouldn’t rely on other sites to do your advertising for you. You should tell us every juicy, sexy thing we need to know about Property Sex to get us to sign up there and then.

Other than that, I think PropertySex is a fantastic site. Yeah sure, its porn is pretty mediocre stuff that is available from every person in the porn industry just with a different storyline, but that’s mainstream porn for ya, it’s mainstream, but the majority loves it. So, apart from the mediocre porn and that you can’t see much of this porn as a non-paying visitor, Property Sex is a very good site.

The Geeks final thoughts on Property Sex

Property Sex is fine. The design, layout and speeds on this site are fantastic that’s for sure. The site feels really nice, every page loads quickly, and the little trailers start straight away with no loading whatsoever. However, I don’t feel that there is enough porn and free content on PropertySex for guests. You need to know what porn you’re signing up for, even if you have seen it on another site. Relying on visitors to your site having seen PropertySex on another site is just lazy.

It’s a shame that this porn site isn’t perfect. Sure the porn is a load of mainstream crap (probably the weakest of all the mainstream porn too), but this site feels and works flawlessly, it would just be great if they offered us some more shit. Right, I’m going to view some houses now, hope I don’t get arrested again!

Review Pros
  • Great videos
  • HD porn
  • Responsive site
Review Cons
  • No real trailers for guests
  • Must be a paid member