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If you’re not familiar with what grool is, it’s the substance that appears when a chick gets real fucking horny and basically drips white stuff out of her pussy. The word itself comes from a combination of drool and girl – grool! People seem to like this as a fetish because it shows that the girl is really enjoying herself, something that obviously makes the enjoyment of porn much better for many people. The community here is pretty active and they do their best to find the hottest amateur and professional babes that are getting off to playing with themselves or getting fucked.

While I’m writing this review, /r/grool is currently sitting at 99,999 subscribers – how crazy is that?! Around four new posts are added every 24 hours, which considering how niche the concept is and how they often find super amateur babes getting real grool around a thick cock, is pretty damn impressive. I don’t personally subscribe to this subreddit, but I can see why a lot of people would. Guys, if you want to see some chicks really enjoying sex, /r/Grool is the subreddit to visit.

Review Pros

  • Big community
  • Lots of posts
  • Regular updates

Review Cons

  • So many rules
  • Mods are pretty anal