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Okay folks: you know what time it is – Mr. Porn Geek is back at it again with another review of a tube site that he highly recommends you take a look at. This one goes by the name of and as you can probably figure out from the title alone, it’s all about collecting some great XXX videos that’ll make you bust your nut in no time at all. Claiming to offer an array of free porn clips from some of the best porn studios out there, I’m excited to talk about what I find while browsing around the YesPornPlease and why I personally recommend paying a visit if you’re hunting down erotic movies that are bound to make you rock solid in two seconds flat! Anyway, read below for my full review of

Going from the YesPornPlease homepage

So to kick things off, let me talk a little bit about the homepage: here you’ll find a list of the ‘hottest’ videos, which I think is basically a combination of views and ratings from the most recently added material. In my head, I’m thinking that it somewhat sorts these clips like Reddit sorts its content: based of freshness and interest above all else. Do note that there’s no other block areas on site, so you can’t scroll down 40 or so videos to see a section for recently uploaded or anything else: this is something that other places do and I quite like it, although not having that feature is hardly a big enough issue for me to write you off!

Along the header, you’ll find just a few basic links to categories, upload and subscriptions. The last option here is basically material that has been added to the YesPornPlease website from feeds that you’re following: if you have none selected, it’ll pick some at random from the biggest studios out there. Navigating over to the categories page will show you the types of niches which are real hot on Yes Porn Please and to be honest, they’ve kept their material very much on the slender side of the equation. Don’t get me wrong, having more than 8,000 blowjob videos is more than enough, as is 3,000+ MILF clips, but compared to some of the bigger tube sites that’s a pebble in the pond. The site is clearly focusing on quality as opposed to quantity: they want to make sure that all of their available uploads are watchable, not just a handful that people manage to come across like nuggets of gold.

The video viewing experience explained

After selecting a video on , you’ll be taken through to an embed page that allows you to watch it directly from the website (as you’d expect from a tube). I sampled this Ladyboy Gold clip which had some tranny slut getting barebacked hard – just for review purposes, of course. Anyhow, the video was available for streaming in 360p, 480p and 720p resolutions with an additional download provided if you’re willing to sign up for a membership. Tags are attached below each scene to help you find similar material and related uploads are also displayed if you just want to click around for your daily dose of free smut. Yes Porn Please does have adverts, but they’re on the right-hand side of the page and don’t interrupt watching the smut at all. All in all, I’d say that this place has done a good job on the video embed side of things.

Advanced sorting options on YesPornPlease.Com

I actually missed on the homepage that there’s a small tab over on the far-right that allows you to sort content based on a number of factors, including upload date, number of views, rating and a ‘random’ button if you’re not really too sure what you’d like. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to the top rated sorting option: I think this is what most of you are going to use. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that you can use these options after performing a search, which also extends to categories and tags, since those are technically just keyword searches across the whole content archive. Improvements on both of these fronts would make my experience browsing that much better.

Let’s talk about the content

So I want to discuss content here for a little while, since I noticed quite an obvious trend on : almost all of the uploads are professional in nature and recorded by studios. I actually did come across a few amateurs clips, but the vast bulk of the smut is taking world-class fuckers and chucking them in front of a camera wielded by an expert. A lot of popular studios also seem to make up the bulk of the collection, including Shoplyfter, Family Manipulation, Brazzers, Blacked Raw, Bang Bros and Fake Taxi: if you like porn from the biggest names out there in smut, I think this is a good place to get it!

Even the amateur uploads regularly feature chicks who don’t seem all that ‘first time’. That’s not a bad thing, but I do want to make it clear that you’re not going to see Snapchat leaks, homemade porn clips or much else similar to that all too much here on Yes Porn Please. It’s for the lovers of professional action: I don’t think too many will be disappointed about that!

Is an account there worth it?

Signing up to Yes Porn Please is completely free and right now, they don’t even have an optional ‘premium’ account that you pay money for. Registered users get the ability to post comments, upload videos, subscribe to feeds and create playlists: it’s not at all required in order to use the YesPornPlease, but you might just want to anyway if you’re thinking of sticking around. For me, the fact that HD videos aren’t gated behind a log-in is probably the number one reason why I love this place, but also the reason why I see little reason in creating an account if you’re just a regular user.

Wrapping up my review

So to summarize everything I’ve found out about the site in the last hour – they’ve stuck to making a hub for HD videos from professional studios and have a limited collection of high quality uploads across a range of vanilla niches for you to enjoy. I honestly don’t think I need to say much more than that – if you like the sound of what they’re selling (even though it’s free) then I guess it’s a good idea to visit the website and use it. As far as tube sites go it’s a cracking option: not rank 1 material but hell, neither is Tarzaned – doesn’t stop me from tuning in to listen to that juicy rage.
But seriously: Mr. Porn Geek approves and I think you ought to check it out yourself if you’ve got the time.

A 2020 Review Update

Hey guys, I initially reviewed it quite a few years ago and I just wanted to drop by with another update so you folks can know if this hub is still hot. I spent around 30 minutes here and the most important take-home elements are as follows.

The site still updates on a daily basis with new scenes, meaning that you can come back here and receive some of the freshest porn from the most popular studios on the planet. Additionally, almost all of the uploads that I found were offered in 1080p HD, so their commitment to quality has clearly been kept to. Note that almost all of the latest releases are professional productions from places such as Brazzers, Naughty America, Reality Kings and so on. Those who’re looking for some genuine amateur action might struggle to get it, but at least you’ll see your favorite pornstars here, including Brandi Love, Elsa Jean and Alyssa Lynn.

So, in short: I’m happy to go ahead and say that this tube is still kicking ass and you ought to check it out if you’re horny and want to jerk off. Mr. Porn Geek will probably come back to YesPornPlease in 2021 just to make sure they’re still keeping it reel – keep an eye out for that update, because major shifts are coming to my review platform in 2020! Thanks for reading and as always, may your next squeeze be the best one yet.

Review Pros
  • Free to use
  • Lots of HD videos
  • Good site design
Review Cons
  • Lacks sorting features
  • Downloads require account