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Shop Lyfter Preview

I’ve always questioned the idea of people being able to produce new niches in porn, but I recently came across a site that I just had to share. It’s called Shop Lyfter and the material is awesome: it basically looks at a store where a chick comes in, decides to steal something and ends up getting fucked as punishment so that they don’t end up going to prison. Note that Shop Lytfer (also written as Shoplytfer on the website) is produced by the studio at Team Skeet, which means most of the models here are young, attractive and ready for a fucking.

The quality of the scenes is quite good and it’s hot seeing some of these women being fucked as punishment for trying to rob the store. Although the site is fairly new, you’ll find that there are regular updates and a great collection of archived material, all of which can be downloaded in a stellar 1080p format. Finally, your membership to this hub of nubile thieves being banged in all holes gives you bonus access to the entire Team Skeet network for no extra cost. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a top deal! Be sure to visit Shop Lyfter today and grab yourself a membership.

Shop Lyfter Review

If you’re wondering why you should join Shop Lyfter and what’s included in membership, you’re reading the right blog. Benefits of being a member of Shop Lyfter are way worth it. The site is updated weekly, it’s mobile and tablet friendly, the content is 100 percent exclusive, you have infinite downloading capabilities, hot sexy models and more.

All you need to sign up for an active account is provide a username, password, and valid email address. You can pay for your membership in a few different ways and there are several options depending on the length of time you want your membership to last. Find out more about available discounts below at the Shop Lyfter Discounts section.

Shoplifting is Sexier Than Ever

Each scene has a similar premise. A bad yet very hot girl tries to steal something from a store but gets caught. She is then walked to the back room and gets questioned by the officer. She tries to get out of the predicament she’s found herself in but the officer says she has to pay and unless she wants the actual cops to be called, she will have to do everything he tells her too. He tells her to take off her clothes and then touching, licking, sucking, and fucking proceeds.

If you have ever fantasized about finding a gorgeous girl in your store grabbing a few items and figured she might want to make a deal to avoid jail time… a deal that includes sucking you off and slobbering all over your dick until you bust a nut down her throat then this is the fantasy fuck site of your dreams!

If you’re curious about Shop Lyfter’s customer support rest assured that you have 24/7 access to assistance. There is even a FAQ section located at the bottom of the homepage. Most if not all your questions will no doubt be answered in this section but if not, you can reach out via phone, email, or live chat to the customer service team directly.

Shop Lyfter Bonus Content

Shop Lyfter is produced by the Team Skeet team and because of this fact, members get access to additional spanking material at no extra cost to you. Think about all the videos and pictures you can see and all the cumming you can do! Mr. Porn Geek is all about extras and Shop Lyfter doesn’t disappoint a bit.

Shop Lyfter Discounts

It’s easy to become a member of Shop Lyfter. Shop Lyfter makes it easy to join and gives you multiple options for membership. You can pay through any major credit card or via PayPal. You can become a member of the porn site for one month for only $14.95.

If you can afford it and you love the website as I do, I suggest grabbing a membership for 6 months or 1 year. It will save you money as the longer you have the membership for the less it will be per month. For the longer memberships, you will need to pay a lump-sum but it makes the most sense if you see yourself being a frequent visitor to Shop Lyfter. The 6-month membership will cost you $60, which is only about 9.95 dollars per month. A year membership will cost you a little under 96 dollars or roughly $7.99 per month.

The Best of Shop Lyfter

There’s a lot of greatness at Shop Lyfter but who would say no to regular updates and unlimited HD porn? Not this guy and I am thinking not you either. So you may as well go along for the ride and see what these naughty minxes are up to. One of the best things that you get from becoming a member of Shop Lyfter is access to bonus websites on the Team Skeet Network. Enjoy releasing and relaxing with all kinds of hot porn videos, pictures, and scenes. Shop Lyfter has a great capacity for mobile and tablets and once you’re a member you will gain access to unlimited downloads and great naughty scenes.

The Worst of Shop Lyfter

Even the best porn website can improve and this is also the case with Shop Lyfter. There is, unfortunately, no trial or tour samples available for people who are curious about the kind of videos and scenes represented on the website. However, it’s easy to tell if you will like this site by simply imagining that scene playing out and seeing how you and your penis responds.

The Bottom Line About Shop Lyfter

Shop Lyfter has a fun concept and way to go about punishing naughty teens who try to steal from companies. How will these arresting officers react when they find out sexy ladies try to steal? A whole bunch of getting naked and let me fuck the bad out of you. Shop Lyfter has great content and sexy adult entertainers. It really brings this specific kink to a new level of play. Watch bad girls get pounded and punished for trying to rob stores of their merchandise. These girls need to be taught a lesson and the correctional officer’s in charge of the job. Try it out and see for yourself.

Review Pros

  • Regular updates
  • Bonus sites
  • HD porn

Review Cons

  • Limited scenes
  • No tour samples