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Checking out XNXX Gay

XNXX Gay is a great fucking porn site. Firstly, I know that XNXX Gay is just an offshoot of XNXX, but the gay section of this porn site is so fucking good that I had to review this shit to tell all you lovely fuckers about it. If you fancy watching some gay porn, you have got to check out XNXX Gay because it is full of the fucking stuff and most of it in HD!

The garish design of XNXX Gay

Right, the design of XNXX Gay is shit, you can see that from the screenshot. However, the bright fucking blue background of this porn site actually makes the thumbnails of the porn videos look really good. Plus, if you play the porn in fullscreen, you can avoid the brightness exploding your fucking eyeballs.

Despite the shit background colour of XNXX Gay, the rest of the design of this porn site is actually very impressive. All of the porn loads quickly, the site is very responsive, and it feels like a nice place to be. Just wear fucking sunglasses when choosing your porn on XNXX Gay cos my eyes hurt already and I have barely been on this porn site for an hour!

The porn on XNXX Gay

There is shit loads of gay porn on this site, every single video I have tried on XNXX Gay so far has worked perfectly, they have buffered quickly and have allowed me to skip through them without having a fucking meltdown. Sure, most of the porn on XNXX Gay is under 10 minutes, but most of the gay porn on this site is really fucking good. Of course, I wish that the porn on XNXX Gay was a little longer, but if I have to watch porn under 10 minutes long, I will choose the porn on XNXX Gay every fucking day.

The porn on this site has all of the top gay pornstars in it. Most of it is really professionally made, and every porn video I have tried so far has been in HD. So, while there are hidden ads in the porn video galleries and most of the porn is short, XNXX Gay still offers a far better range of porn than most other gay porn sites, so I ain’t complaining!

The Geek’s final thoughts on XNXX Gay

Overall, I enjoyed my time on XNXX Gay. Sure this porn site isn’t perfect, but compared to other gay porn sites it basically is. If you can get over the fucking gnarliest of any background on any porn site, then you will love to watch porn on XNXX Gay. In terms of the quality of porn, I am yet to review a gay porn site that matches XNXX Gay. I have no doubt that a gay porn site exists that is better than XNXX Gay, but until I find it, I’ll be using XNXX Gay!

Review Pros

  • Lots of HD porn
  • Nice thumbnails
  • Responsive

Review Cons

  • Garish design
  • Short porn videos