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MrPornGeek examines XLGayTube

XLGayTube is a gay porn tube site, but I’m sure you sexy lot have guessed that from the name of this site. This gay site holds a huge amount of gay porn. However, that may not mean that this gay site should be your choice the next time you fancy jerking off. In fact, XLGayTube could actually be a pretty bad site, spoiler alert, it isn’t too bad, but there are certain things that XLGayTube could do to improve. So, let’s delve deeper into XLGayTube and see what they could improve, shall we?

The porn on XLGayTube

Just like many gay porn sites, XLGayTube relies heavily on older porn videos. However, these older porn videos are probably from just before the invention of HD cameras, and so the porn isn’t too old, but the quality of it is. Most of the porn on this site isn’t HD, some of it is, but a large portion of the gay porn on XLGayTube is standard definition. However, most of the porn on this site is also full-length scenes, which is great. If XLGayTube wasn’t offering full scenes, this site would suffer greatly. But while XLGayTube gets a reluctant pass for its porn, there are a few areas of this site that bother me quite a bit. Let’s explore these naughty little areas next, shall we?

There’s a lot happening on XLGayTube

There are hundreds of categories on XLGayTube. While the number of categories on this site would work brilliantly if this site catered to everyone, this is a gay porn site. And so the amount of categories of gay porn on this site isn’t really needed. You see, I love plenty of categories on a porn site, but the amount on XLGayTube actually makes it difficult to pin down a category of gay porn that you want to explore. There is too much choice on XLGayTube. Choice is bloody great when it comes to porn, and you find your favourite gay pornstars, videos from your favourite porn channels and loads more. You can even upload porn videos to XLGayTube. With all of these choices to make, can you actually spend any time watching porn on XLGayTube?

The Geek’s final thoughts on XLGayTube

I really like the idea behind XLGayTube, the fact that it allows you to filter the porn in so many ways is awesome, but it can make it tricky to find some porn you want to watch. There are hundreds of categories for the gay porn on this site and all that means is that you have to scroll down the categories page for ages until a category jumps out at you. The gay porn on this site is really good though, as long as you don’t mind the porn being a few years old at least. I have enjoyed my time on XLGayTube, and you may too, check it out.

Review Pros
  • Most full porn scenes
  • Plenty of HD porn
  • A nice and bright design
Review Cons
  • Lots of low-quality videos
  • Too many categories