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A walk down vintage lane

If you thought that all adult forums featured content that covered every niche out there, think again! Vintage Erotica Forum is a place where you go if you want to see stuff that’s old-fashioned and well, vintage! These aren’t the biggest adult forums by any stretch of the imagination, but considering that Vintage Erotica Forum has around 1.5 million posts, you certainly can’t be bad-mouthing them for not being big enough to enjoy. Like I’d expect, the biggest areas of focus is in the classic models section and the movies archive. There’s even softcore material, such as playmates and Page 3 girls that were around before 1995 (that seems to be their cut-off point).

I will make it absolutely clear that you will have to sign up to the site (don’t worry, it’s free and removes all adverts) if you want to see a lot of the material. Their magazine scans archive, for instance, will require you to be logged in if you want to take a look. The same goes for the movies, which is where I think a lot of the fun is.

You know for a forum about vintage erotica, they don’t really kick things off the way I would prefer. The prime real estate on the vintage erotica forum is given to general discussion and funnies. When I visit a vintage erotica forum, I expect the good stuff to be front and center. Instead, these guys start off with the irrelevant stuff and slowly ease you into what you can here for. I guess it works for them so no more complaining from me.

Vintage Erotica Forum in a nutshell

I’ll instead tell you that this is a rather sweet spot for everything vintage erotica. They’ve got vintage swimsuits and bikinis, stockings, pantyhose and the whole nine yards. It feels like you’re drowning in a permanent throwback lake when you’re on this forum – and that’s a good thing. A quick browse through the vintage erotica sub forum confirmed what I already suspected – they really do have a little bit of everything. They even have vintage blowjobs and vintage milfs, whatever those are.

As a magazine aficionado, I give their magazine scans sub forum a big thumbs up. Like I mentioned earlier, if you choose to view this forum as a guest, this is one of those areas of the forum you won’t have access to but grab you an account and you’ll get to go down memory lane with some of the most talked about vintage erotica magazines from back in the day.

Scroll a little further and you’ll land on the classic movies or as I like to call this section spank monkey galore. Remember an era when big bushes where all the rage? When hot chicks didn’t have an ounce of silicone in their bodies? When fucking was well, fucking. Raw, passionate, fun – yeah, the vintage pornos here take you all the way back to that era. This is the only part of this forum that allows content dating back up to at least 1997.

If you equate vintage erotica with elegance, they’ve also got you covered. There’s an entire sub forum dedicated to classic celebs and even one for classic pornstars. I have to say I was very intrigued by the section covering beauties from the pre-1945 era. Now that folks is what you call old school. We’re talking smoking hot babes like Isabel Sarli, Raquel Welch, Susan Sullivan, Vera Tschechowa and even Marilyn Monroe.

In conclusion therefore

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve covered everything you need to know about this porn forum that focuses on the vintage stuff: if you like this kind of thing, then heading on over to their hub is probably the best step forward. Scratch that, I’m confident that if you truly dig vintage porn, visiting this destination is the best decision you’ll make today. I highly doubt there’s a better vintage erotica board out there on the Web.

Review Pros

  • Great niche focus
  • Lots of posts

Review Cons

  • Account practically required
  • A few dead links