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Checking out PorkyTube

PorkyTube is a gay porn tube site full of, well, gay porn, didn’t think I needed to spell that shit out for you. While PorkyTube is a pretty good gay porn site, as we will see in a bit, it isn’t anything special. In fact, I have reviewed loads of gay site that look very similar to PorkyTube, and I am starting to wonder whether these gay porn sites are linked in some odd little conspiracy theory. However, despite my tin foil hat getting in my eyes at certain times during this site review, I did enjoy my time on PorkyTube, so let’s delve deep into PorkyTube and see what is going on, shall we?

The design of PorkyTube

The design of this site is very basic. There isn’t anything wrong with a basic-bitch design on a site, as long as the styling doesn’t hamper the porn and the porn is at the forefront of the site, I ain’t got an issue with it. So, I don’t have an issue with the design of PorkyTube, but it does feel like you are on a site that isn’t quite finished yet. They need to tart up this site just a little bit if they want it to feel a bit more professional. The thumbnails on this site are really low quality, and that can make it difficult to choose a porn video. Also, while I enjoy the intermittent preview of the porn videos, I would like it if this preview worked all the time.

The porn on PorkyTube

The porn on PorkyTube is very much the same porn on most gay porn tube sites. By this I mean, it is mostly mediocre amateur porn that runs to about eight minutes on average. You have a few full-length porn scenes on here that bump up the average porn video time and lots of amateur porn that runs for a minute and a half that drags the whole damn length back down again. I mean, I would love to hate PorkyTube for this as there really much porn of worth on this site. However, as most of the gay sites offer the same shit as this, I can’t blame PorkyTube for jumping on this slightly disappointing bandwagon.

The Geek’s final thoughts on PorkyTube

PorkyTube is another pretty average gay porn site, but hey, we need average porn sites to make the good ones look better, right? PorkyTube isn’t shit, but it ain’t good. Sure, you can find porn on here that will help you spill your tea (your tea isn’t truth in this case, it is your cum), but you ain’t going to find any porn on this site that is going to blow your cock off. PorkyTube is average, and there is nothing wrong with that, well, there is everything wrong with that, but fuck it!

Review Pros
  • Okay style
  • Some HD porn
  • Some full-length porn scenes
  • Lots of amateur porn
Review Cons
  • Mainly short videos
  • Oldish porn