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I know what you’re going to ask Mr. Porn Geek: what the hell does JD stand for in JDForum.net? I’ll be honest with you: I’ve got absolutely no idea! The good news is that it matters very little, because the focus of this website is to showcase the best free adult videos and porn available on the Internet. To date, the entire JD Forum houses a total of just over 7 million posts across almost 40,000 threads with 10,000 registered members. That’s a lot of commitment from a lot of people that love to share adult entertainment via the old forum post method.

There are dozens of categories here, including general porn videos, pregnant clips, amateur pictures and vintage movies. Pretty much every type of adult entertainment you could want is featured, with a particular focus put upon the amateur video market. In fact, JD Forum has over 500,000 posts in its ‘amateur video’ area, most of which are genuine uploads that feature normal people getting down and dirty. Whatever you’re looking for, if it’s going to be on a porn forum, this site probably has it.

Review Pros

  • Lots of categories
  • Huge post number

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Full site rips