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Ice Gay Tube

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Checking out Ice Gay Tube

Ice Gay Tube is a gay porn site packed with full-length porn scenes from your favourite gay pornstars. This site has some of the best gay porn on it from all the best gay porn companies in the world, and much of it is in HD. That is a great way to start a gay site review, but Ice Gay Tube certainly isn’t the perfect gay site that I have been searching for since doing these porn reviews. However, can Ice Gay Tube get a good score despite its flaws? Well, let’s delve deep into the asshole of this gay site and see what happens, shall we, dear reader?

The dated styling and ads on Ice Gay Tube

Right, I thought I would get all the bad shit on Ice Gay Tube out of the way first. So, the design of this site is seriously dated. The odd thing about this gay site is that the styling looks good quality, but the colour choices make it look a bit old. Also, the bright green percentages on each video also drag this site down and makes it feel old too.

Another bad point for IceGayTube is the ads. I understand that a site needs ads, but Ice Gay Tube has four ads on every porn video page. You have to close one to watch the porn video and then there are three more in your view as you are watching the video. There are also more ads as you scroll down the page. Ads are a way of life for a site, but the amount of ads on here is way over the top!

The porn on Ice Gay Tube

Despite the annoying parts of this site, the gay porn on it just about saves it. There is a crapload of porn on this site, all of it has worked and loaded quickly, and most of it is full-length. This is great. I have reviewed so many gay porn sites that only offer mediocre amounts of porn and so the fact that most of the porn on this site is over 18 minutes is fucking great! So, well done on the porn IceGayTube, you have nailed that!

My final thoughts on Ice Gay Tube

Although Ice Gay Tube may not be the best gay porn site in the world, it is still a fantastic place to watch some gay porn. There are loads of full-length porn scenes on this site, it just needs a bit of a revamp, and it needs to rely less heavily on ads. However, this is hardly a criticism when compared to most gay porn sites! Most gay sites pale in comparison compared with this site. So, great fucking job, Ice Gay Tube, you have made a very enjoyable site here!

Review Pros
  • HD porn
  • Full-length porn scenes
  • Loads of categories
Review Cons
  • So many ads
  • Slightly dated design