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Checking out GayMenRing

GayMenRing is a gay site, if you couldn’t that from the damn name! It is full of some fantastic gay porn scenes that would go perfect with a glass of wine and a good session of trying to pull your cock off your body! However, just because the porn on GayMenRing looks fucking great, does that mean that this site any good at all? Well, yeah, actually. As I always say, a porn site doesn’t have to be complicated, and while there are a few shitty things about GayMenRing, they certainly don’t outweigh the positives of the porn, let’s explore further, shall we?

The old ass design of GayMenRing

Right, I have to start this porn review off on a slightly sour note as the design of GayMenRing feels a bit dated. In fact, the design does bring the level of this site down a bit to be honest. Because the design feels so old, the thumbnails of the porn look a bit pants, and the whole colour scheme reminds a bit of Instagram before it went all modern. However, the backend of GayMenRing is clearly bloody good as I have watched plenty of porn on this gay site and it hasn’t slowed down at all. So crap job on the styling Gay Men Ring, but excellent job at choosing a backend that can keep up with all the backend ramming in the porn videos. Right, now the sour note is out of the way, let’s watch some porn, shall we?

The porn collection on GayMenRing

The porn on Gay Men Ring looks pretty bloody good. I couldn’t watch all of the porn on GayMenRing for this review, of course, there is shit loads, but the porn scenes I watched loaded quickly, were from the biggest names in gay porn and a lot of the scenes are even full-length too! This is amazing, the times I have been on a gay site and found a shit load of trailers fo porn scenes and nothing much else are way too many to count. I love that Gay Men Ring is pretty much full of full-length porn scenes. Sure there are a handful of porn scenes on here running under 15 minutes, but for the most part, you can expect a porn scene from some sexy guys to reach over 20 minutes on here.

My final thoughts on GayMenRing

Despite the old design that is in desperate need of a fucking makeover, Gay Men Ring is a great porn site. The fact is, since I have been exploring the porn on this site, the design hasn’t been an issue for me at all, and if I were just on here to wank, I doubt I would even notice it. So, GayMenRing is a fantastic gay site full of the gay porn I have been searching for since I began reviewing gay porn sites! Great job, GayMenRing!

Review Pros
  • Loads of HD gay porn
  • Lots of full-length scenes
  • Great category collection
Review Cons
  • Old design