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Checking out FoxGay

FoxGay is a gay porn site full of great looking porn scenes. Now, FoxGay certainly isn’t perfect, but it is worlds away from some of the pieces of shit that I have reviewed in the past. Is FoxGay the perfect gay site that I have been searching since I began my gay site reviews? Well, FoxGay is a damn fine site, so let’s skip all the bull shit and just get straight into the bollock meat of this site cos this is certainly one for all my lovely gay readers to check out.

The porn on FoxGay

The porn on FoxGay is all pretty short. Most of the porn on here is about 12-15 minutes long, so compared to other gay porn sites that I have reviewed in the past, FoxGay is actually pretty good on the times! In most cases, gay sites (that I have reviewed anyway) either have short as fuck trailers for gay porn videos or longer, but older porn videos. FoxGay has a lot of recent gay porn on it that is long enough to jerk to, but not long enough to be full scenes. The porn on FoxGay has loaded really quickly too. The design of this site isn’t amazing, and so I was nicely surprised when the porn loaded really quickly and worked without buffering at all. FoxGay is certainly a great place to fiddle with piddle or tickle your pickle (have a wank)! Also, most of the porn on FoxGay is HD too. The thumbnails suggest otherwise, but the porn is in fact HD.

The things I’d love to see FoxGay add

Something I would love FoxGay to add is better thumbnails. The thumbnails currently on this site are a little shit and don’t reflect the quality of the porn. I am guessing that FoxGay has done this to reduce the loading times on the pages of porn. While that’s cool, better thumbnails on the porn will help us decide which porn video to watch. Also, I would love to see FoxGay add some more full-length porn scenes to their site. I know this is a big bloody ask, but adding full-length porn scenes to FoxGay would push it over the sexy edge and make it one of the best gay porn sites ever!

My final thoughts on FoxGay

FoxGay is super close to being one of the best gay sites I have ever reviewed, and I would love to see this gay porn site reach that pinnacle. FoxGay is a fun gay site with loads of great gay porn that loads quickly and works perfectly. However, if FoxGay could add some better thumbnails and a few longer porn scenes, it would take it to the next level. Despite these little things, FoxGay is a really enjoyable gay  site that all my lovely gay readers should check out right now.

Review Pros
  • Loads of pornstars
  • Lots of HD porn
  • Very quick to load
Review Cons
  • Fairly short videos