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Audio Review is an adult forum and like many others: it offers you access to content that you might not find elsewhere on the Internet, all of which is archived in convenient threads in many sub-forums devoted to different adult fetishes. I always like to take a look at how many posts a forum has before I decide if it’s good or not, so I’m pretty happy to announce that Eroti City houses some 23 million posts spread across almost 1 million threads. That’s one of the biggest adult forums I’ve come across so yeah – props to these guys for managing to create such a massive empire of adult entertainment.

Now I know what you’re thinking: where’s all that posting from? Well, it seems as if about 25% of all posts on are devoted to the fetish videos sub-forum. BDSM lovers certainly seem to enjoy stuff like scat, hairy Japanese pussies, femdom, torture and trampling. Hell, I even saw some diaper fetish material here if that type of stuff floats your boat. Eroticity also has other forums for you to visit, such as gay photographs, transsexual images, amateur movies and the such like.

You can go thread hopping if you want, to see what each eroti thread has to offer but if you’re a savvy porn surfer like I know you are then simply hit the “what’s new” button up top and viola, all the new posts will be populated on one page for you. Then you can pick and choose what you want to check out at your leisure. This is also a very well managed forum because it has few instances of spam than most forums. That’s no easy feat for a forum this huge so again, kudos to the folks running this ship.

Membership at ErotiCity is free of charge and signing up for an account takes all of 3 seconds! While there are some benefits to having an account, you can still browse through ErotiCity without one. In fact, I had no issues at all getting into any of the subsections while browsing anonymously. I enjoyed tons of video and picture collections but there were so many of them that I literally ran out of time.

That’s a good problem though, right? It means there is so much content here for you to wank off to and more is being added per day, sometimes seemingly per hour! For me, this is one of the better adult forums on the Internet today. So yeah – head on over if you want something that gets Mr. Porn Geek’s seal of approval!

Review Pros

  • Over 20 million posts
  • Lots of different niches

Review Cons

  • Mainly fetish content
  • Lots of external links