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Checking out CoolGayMovies

CoolGayMovies has a huge collection of gay porn on it, so you may think that it is the perfect place for a wank. Well, CoolGayMovies certainly ain’t perfect, but it could be a good place for a wank if you are quick! The design and styling of CoolGayMovies are pretty good, it is basic but passable and this porn site certainly isn’t torturing my eyes while I am on it. However, CoolGayMovies does have some work to do if it is going to compete with the best gay porn sites in the world. Let’s just delve deeper into the freshly shaved asshole of this site review and find out more about CoolGayMovies and what it could do to improve this site, shall we?

The porn videos on CoolGayMovies

So, the moment you arrive on CoolGayMovies, you are greeted with a dick load of porn, and you start getting excited, your dick starts shaking because it has already been through this shit three times in the past hour, but daddy gotta pay them bills! However, as you start exploring, CoolGayMovies, you notice that the porn is really short. So far, in my travels, I have seen one porn video that was six minutes long, and that was the longest gay porn scenes on here. The rest of the porn on this site comes in at about 5 minutes or less. I would love CoolGayMovies to increase the length of their porn videos because even I would struggle to cum to these porn videos!

Also, the porn videos on this site have no titles and no way of previewing the scene, so there is no way of knowing what the porn scene is about. Of course, you have the thumbnail of the porn scene, but a simple title would help. Finally, on the topic of the porn, it does load very quickly, but that is because it is so short. I would love it if CoolGayMovies added some good quality longer porn to their site rather than relying on this short porn that just starts at the beginning of the porn scene and just sort of stops abruptly somewhere during the scene often before we get to see shit.

The Geek’s final thoughts on CoolGayMovies

I like the styling and the design of CoolGayMovies. I like that this site is quick because I would’ve torn this gay porn site a new asshole if I had to wait more than three seconds to watch a  three-minute porn video. I would love to see CoolGayMovies add some more porn to their site. This site is offering some amazing gay porn scenes right now from the biggest gay pornstars in the world, but they are really short and so I ain’t sure many of you lovely fucker will be able to cum to them! Prove me wrong, dear reader, prove me fucking wrong!

Review Pros
  • HD porn
  • Not many ads
  • Thousands of porn videos
Review Cons
  • All short videos
  • No titles