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Want the real thing instead? Check out Mr. Porn Geek’s favorite cam sites and enjoy live XXX fun in less than 60 seconds! is a forum that devotes itself to the capture of live feeds of sexy girls that love to stream. It basically strips videos of girls in apartments and living life to provide you with an after-the-fact streaming service where hot chicks get naked, play with their pussies and have a great time. Note that because of the somewhat niche nature of Cam Caps, there are very few posts compared to a lot of other forums. Right now, the forum has 930,000 posts that have been submitted over around 9,000 topics – that’s not small by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to some of the big names out there, it’s quite short.

The biggest source of videos seems to be from Real Life Cam – a website that basically has girls living in a house or apartment together and doing crazy things. There’s a mixture of both lesbian and hardcore action, with the real-life aspect of it being very arousing for a lot of viewers because it appeals to the inner voyeur in all of us. I actually suggest you check out the main site first and see if you like what you get.

This is also where I should mention that while gives you a tiny free taste of what to expect on the homepage, that’s the only freebies you get. If your eyeballs want to feast on the thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos on this forum, you have to shell out twenty bucks per year. Is it worth it? That’s a personal call but a premium membership doesn’t just get you access to the entire Camcaps pic and vid collection but it also allows you disable ads and grants you access to members only boards. If you decide that you like this destination enough to hang around, make sure your first stop is the staff picks page.

Worth noting before I got any further is that the caps here aren’t actually of models from sites like My Free Cams or iSpy Live – it’s a different, unique experience that is pretty uncommon right now. Not many people are out there googling a real life cam forum because its one of the better kept secrets of the web but if you’re one of the few who are into this kind of thing, you’ve found your fellow pervs on this forum. It delivers exactly what it promises and then some

Review Pros

  • Interesting niche
  • Well documented

Review Cons

  • Some dead links
  • Not as big as others