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What is Best Male Videos?

Best Male Videos is a gay porn tube site that, I must say, has one of the nicest designs of any gay porn site that I have visited thus far in my quest for the perfect gay site. However, just because Best Male Videos has a nice design, it doesn’t mean that this site is perfect. In fact, this gay site probably has some of the worst porn on it I have ever seen. The porn scenes look great, but there is a lot of shit lacking on this site. Let’s delve deeper into Best Male Videos, and I’ll explain more!

The design of Best Male Videos

Right, so just before I start hating all over Best Male Videos, I want to discuss the modern styling of this site. The styling of this gay site is the best I have seen on a gay porn tube site all day. I have reviewed about 10 gay porn tube sites today, and all of them have looked like they were covered in shit compared with Best Male Videos. Plus, the design continues and carries over into the backend of this site. So far, I have had no issues loading any of the porn videos on this site (this ain’t gonna come as much of a fucking surprise when I tell you about the porn), and there has been barely any ads getting in the way of the porn either. This is great, I cannot fault the design of this site much at all. There aren’t any thumbnail previews on this gay site which is a bit of a letdown, but I know why Best Male Videos didn’t bother with thumbnail previews.

The porn on Best Male Videos

The longest porn video I have found on Best Male Videos, so far, has been 5 minutes long. I have also found a three-minute porn video, a handful of two-minute porn videos and then the rest of the porn on this site is under a minute long. That’s why Best Male Videos hasn’t bothered with thumbnail previews, it’s quicker just to watch the fucking porn scene to see if you are into it. Most of the porn on this site does look really good, and I would love to check out the full-length scenes, but that shit ain’t happening on Best Male Videos!

The Geek’s final thoughts on Best Male Videos

BestMaleVideos just isn’t that good, is it? Sure the design of this site is one of the best I have seen, and the thumbnails are actually pretty good, but you can’t offer your visitors minute long porn and expect them to be grateful! There are loads of gay porn sites offering this amount of porn on their sites like we are dumb cunts! Na, BestMaleVideos is just another gay porn site in a long line waiting to go and fuck themselves!

Review Pros
  • Nice design
  • Lots of HD gay porn
  • Nice rating system
Review Cons
  • Really short porn
  • No thumbnail previews