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Hawaii or kawaii?

With a name like Aloha Tube, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this site is specifically niched on a certain exotic type of porn: the reality is that everything and anything goes here. What’s interesting is the fact that when you hit the homepage of Aloha Tube, it displays a list of its categories as opposed to suggested videos – that’s actually a first for this genre that I’ve seen! Anyway, the categories spam between MILF and Indians through to amateurs and vintage. There’s even a British category too which has 36,000 scenes. Nice.

In total, the site has just over 4 million videos available with around 3,000 being added on a daily basis. The header navigation allows you to check out new clips and the top rated scenes: I certainly recommend you use this option to skip the crap and see what’s good. As far as I can tell, no scenes here are tagged as being HD even though quite a few are. Aloha Tube has a mixture of professional and amateur content, with some nice webcam scenes chucked in to boot.

Categories expanded

Because I’m a merciful god, I wanted to go over a few of the categories here to let you know what you’re in for. For those looking to get a collection of Latina videos, there are 136,000 here, whereas you’ll find 93,000 femdom scenes, 100,000 creampie uploads and 250,000 videos devoted to outdoor action. Aloha Tube comes out firing with a decent chunk of content no matter what you’re looking for: I have to say that content appears to be accurately tagged too, since I didn’t find anything out of place or in the wrong spot. Some tubes suffer from poor content categorization but on the whole, Aloha Tube knows what’s good. They’ve also got quite a unique section: it’s called Aloha Tube vintage and here, you’ll find just over 80,000 releases. Everyone knows that Mr. Porn Geek likes old school smut, so this is exactly the type of thing that bumps Aloha Tube up my list of recommended tube sites.

The shortfalls of Aloha Tube

One of the disappointing aspects of this tube is the fact that it doesn’t have a pornstar section. That’s right – if you’re looking for a particular starlet, there’s no way to see all of the shoots they’ve appeared in without just searching for the name. This sucks for a number of reasons, but the most obvious is that if a model’s name isn’t in the title or the description, you won’t see the clip that they star in. Popular girls don’t really suffer because of this, since they’re regularly mentioned, but finding more obscure pornstars on Aloha Tube might just be a bit problematic. To put the search feature to the test, I searched for some of my favorite pornstars and came across 170 videos for the words ‘Lucy Doll’, 460 for ‘Piper Perri’ and close to 1,500 when searching ‘Lisa Ann’. These aren’t the biggest collections in town, but I think if the girl you’re interested in has even a little bit of fame, a few dozen videos will be offered up at Aloha Tube.

One thing that I should mention is that technically, none of the content at Aloha Tube is hosted locally: these guys merely embed videos from third-party destinations such as PornHub, xHamster and so on. That’s not a problem for me, especially since they actually do embed it – you’re not just getting a link to the video in question that’s offered on another website instead of here at Aloha Tube. You’ll maybe find it better to go through to the tubes in some instances though, especially since some of them allow you to directly download content to your computer if you create an account (or, in some situations, you don’t even need an account).

The Aloha Tube porn experience

So now the question becomes: does Aloha Tube porn deliver what most people would want? I think that’s a ‘yes’ from me. I mean, it’s never going to be the most popular source of videos, but it brings to the table something that lots of sites don’t. Very few adverts here make it a great place to use and honestly, I can’t think of many reasons why someone wouldn’t make this a regular visit. Perhaps it won’t replace your favorite adult destination, but it might be good keeping on standby if the most common place you frequent goes offline. From time to time, places like Pornhub and xHamster can go down for an hour or so – Aloha Tube is the go-to place whenever that’s going on!

Few people can deny that having free access to videos is a negative thing. Aloha Tube offers us premium action and it doesn’t come with a price tag – that’s a stellar feature and I’m convinced that plenty of people will visit as a direct result of this. Competition in the space is quite high but the end result is that everyone gets access to great porn and doesn’t have to pay a penny for it. Mr. Porn Geek enjoyed his time checking out Aloha Tube and thinks that going forward, a few small improvements could make it a popular destination for everyone to utilize. Head on over yourself and see what I’m talking about – it’s terrific stuff and will show you that it’s not only the big sites out there with all the porn.

Review Pros
  • Some alternative porn
  • Lots of new videos added
Review Cons
  • No 'longest' video section
  • A few adverts