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Futuristic porn videos on AKA: YourPorn

Sometimes, you come across a porn tube site that just pushes all of your expectations to a whole new level when you start to review other video streaming platforms. This site is a pretty stellar example of this in action: I’ve spent the last 15 minutes here and honestly, I couldn’t wait to open up my website to write a review on this place. If you’re someone that likes to see the future in the present, I think this might just be it. is pushing the porn tube experience to a whole new level of awesome and I’m looking forward to telling you why this is my new gold standard in free adult video streaming services. Read below for the full featured review – this is going to be a master class in building great, functional websites.

Meta site metrics of the site

Okay so, I want to point out a few small things happening under the hood here that I think are well worth mentioning. Let’s begin with the small: This site does not only offers HTTPS connections, but it forces them too. This basically means that the content and messages you’re sending to and from each other are encrypted, so no one – not even your ISP or the government – can see what’s going on. I think it’s also important to mention the page load speeds here: you’ll notice that when you click on a link, it loads almost instantly. I’m not sure what server architecture they’re running on, but it’s epic. Using Chrome’s developer tools, I clocked an average page load speed of 400 milliseconds – blink and you’ll miss it.

I’ll also add that YourPorn sites is 100% responsive, so no matter what device you’re looking at it from, it’ll render nice and tidy. One of the great things about simplistic layouts like the one adopted by this place is that it’s so easy for multiple devices and multiple browsers to function with it: in most cases, you’re going to have a great viewing experience here. I tried both my iPad and iPhone to see if it was any good – they both had quick load speeds and looked good too. Suffice to say that this tube goes above and beyond to deliver a great porn video platform for everyone.

Design and accessibility of the site

I think everyone can agree that the homepage design is a gorgeous, basic layout that removes all the clutter and nonsense we’re used to seeing from the big tubes. The first videos shown to you are the ‘hottest’ scenes on the site from the last 24 hours, which I imagine is a mix of views, comments and likes. Video meta leads with the model name and then either the video name or site title. Seems like this site is mainly focused on professional action – studios provide the shoots here so that you can watch the best women in the world get fucked hard and fast in front of the camera.

Scrolling down a little further, you’ll find a list of the most loved pornstars, popular categories and hashtags. While this place doesn’t have as many hardcore productions as the biggest tubes out there, it’s all curated stuff, so you get a much better average video quality (both in terms of subjective and objective measurements). It would appear that anal porn videos are the most common here, with around 23,000 at the time of writing this review. Other niches that you might want to check out include teen, public and my personal favorite, oiled sex videos!

The YourPorn pornstar pages

Most pornstars that feature on the site have their own page where all scenes featuring them are available to be looked at. Let’s take Riley Reid’s page, for example: she’s got well over 500 uploads right now and fresh ones are added all the time. Now what I love most about YourPorn Sexy is this: they’re a no-nonsense website. No rubbish, 1-minute clips in 240p: this place is about the highest quality porn as it was produced by the original studio. You can actually see the stats at the bottom of each shoot, too. Take this video of Riley Reid’s 1 hour gangbang on Blacked Raw for example – it shows the resolution (720p), average bitrate (2.2 Mb/s) and size of the upload (1.06 GB). You can also sort all of a pornstar’s video based on upload date, number of views, rating and an ‘orgasmic’ setting. I’m not sure what that does exactly, but it seems to be pretty good for finding the best of the best.

You actually won’t find the pornstars list at the top of the page – you have to scroll down to see the link right in the footer. There are thousands of ladies here and honestly, my only disappointment is that the design of this page isn’t all that great. Don’t worry though, because you’ll still be able to see your favorite adult videos starring the likes of Sarah Banks, Dillion Harper and Mr. Porn Geek’s personal favorite piece of miniature fuck meat, Piper Perri. Famous pornstars have a huge amount of adult entertainment here – it seems like a complete collection in a lot of places, which I find amazing.

The neat network showcase

So alongside breaking down porn videos into categories based on niches explored as well as pornstars involved, This site has feeds devoted to adult entertainment from different studios as well. I couldn’t actually find an archive page showing all of the different studios, but you can tell just from looking at the homepage that most of the major studios have a spot where all of their content is cataloged and archived. You may have to search manually for this, but it’s worth it if you know what site you’re after – please let me know if you find a way to see all of the porn sites, that’d be awesome!

The more common ones that people might be interested in include the likes of Bang Bros and Passion HD. The feeds for these studio-specific categories are in a blog format which is quite interesting, plus you’ve naturally got all of the sorting features shared with the pornstars I went over in the previous section. Honestly, I think it’s pretty crazy just how much porn they’ve got here, and it’s available to you in such an easy to access format. Whoever said that XXX video websites don’t go above and beyond to deliver for their users? YourPorn Sexy is raising the stakes in the sex clip streaming space to all new heights – I can’t stress just how fantastic this place is!

Additional features to consider on the site

Just when you thought that my praise was over, I found a few more things to mention with regard to YourPorn Sexy that I’m sure will convince you this is a top-tier hub for all things live video. In lots of cases, you can grab a torrent and magnet download link for all of the scenes hosted here, so direct download to your hard drive is a walk in the park. That said, you can actually download content directly from the tube site itself – it requires a bit of effort and you need to inspect element to do it, but I got around 2 MB/s download speed, so it’s not all that bad if you’re only grabbing a few clips.

This site has a ‘favorites’ feature or rather, the ability to add scenes you like to a playlist. They’ve also got a ‘watch later’ button that stores the video for you in a different part of your profile, so if there’s something you’re interested in but you have to go out or something, this is a good button to take advantage of. Elsewhere, there’s a trends page that you can use to find out what everyone is interested in right now. More often than not, this is pornstars such as Dan Daniels and Anna Polina – it seems to be a who’s who of hardcore porn, but I guess it might be good to find some new faces you might not have heard of before.

The Geek’s final thoughts on YourPorn.Sexy

There are a few things I’d change about this site if it were mine, but I can confidently say that it really delivers quite the tube experience and is unlike any other video streaming service I’ve ever come across. YourPorn Sexy is clearly about fast speeds, minimalism, great design and ease of access: these factors together make it one of my most loved tube sites right now and for that reason, I fully recommend you go check it out. I mean really – full length HD porn videos for free? This is too good of an opportunity to pass up on. Head on over to YourPorn today – you won’t be disappointed.

Review Pros
  • Fantastic tube design
  • Free HD videos
  • Accurate content tagging
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • No amateur clips
  • Stupid domain name