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You anime porn lovers are always sending me emails, asking for new destinations to go for scenes in this niche – so I’ve gone ahead and done the job of finding yet another location for you! X Tube is the name of the site, and chances are you’ve already been here once or twice, but they recently updated their theme and boy, let me tell you – this is one pretty place to get your hands on hentai. You’re going to get a fantastic range of clips too, with quite a few amateur antics to boot. Let’s dive in, shall we?

One of the first touches to X Tube that I liked was the fact that plenty of people upload clips they’ve made themselves in cosplay. Lots of chicks like to fuck themselves as Sailor Moon and well, I’m not going to complain! Of course, the vast majority of anime porn and hentai clips here are 100% animated, with a clear focus on the studios from Japan. A few of the clips are censored and a couple are much more cartoony too, so I think what X Tube does better than other destinations is provide a fantastic range of content that other places simply cannot match.

Review Pros

  • Lots of hentai
  • Amateur cosplay videos
  • Some HD clips

Review Cons

  • Some spam
  • Limited filtering