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The Taxi69 review

Well, well, well, if it isn’t another day at the office for Mr. Porn Geek – reviewing tube sites like no one’s business. I figured that for your entertainment purposes I’d continue to keep on adding video sites to my review collection, which is why I’ve spent the better part of a few hours going over and all of the amazing stuff it has to offer. I think you’re probably all hungry for some XXX movie fun, so let’s get down to brass tacks and look at why this particular porn tube is so damn good. I think you’re really going to love what you see – let’s get on, shall we?

The homepage of Taxi69

You’ve probably worked out by now that when it comes to writing reviews of porn sites, Mr. Porn Geek loves kicking off with the homepage before anything else. At, you’re going to see that a majority of the landing area shows teaser thumbnails and not much else. I wish I could tell you what these are sorted based on, but I haven’t got the slightest idea what the ranking criteria is, although I’m guessing it involves upload date (at least to some degree). There are 4 preview thumbnails on each row and the page goes on for quite a long time. At the bottom, you will see that has 38 archive pages in total set up like this: quite a decent chunk of XXX entertainment if you ask me.

At the top of Taxi 69, you’ve got just four links: home, pornstars, categories and live cams. Kicking off on the pornstars page, Taxi 69 lists all of the best babes in the industry and who happen to have a lot of videos on the site. Note that this is just a single archive page with all of the chicks – you can’t sort or refine based on any metrics such as popularity, age, cup size or ethnicity. The good news is that some really amazing pornstars have profiles on this free porn video tube, including the likes of Abigail Mac, Angela White, Elsa Jean and Janice Griffith: if that isn’t a decent enough cast of all-star fuckers then you’ve got some impossible standards, friend.

Clicking around the Taxi69 website

To test out the pornstar archive, I went ahead and clicked on Asa Akira’s page: she’s got 20 clips on Taxi69 which while not huge compared to a lot of tubes, it’s still enough that if you like seeing this Asian MILF in action you’re not going to run out of smut any time soon. Sadly, there’s no advanced features here for sorting or selection – I’d really like to give me the ability to filter results based on upload date, length and so-on. I went on to check a dozen other pornstars and they all had between 10 and 50 uploads on the site: Taxi 69 isn’t exactly stacked with content, but it’s by no means devoid of smut either.

Taxi 69 category experience

We all know that categories are a great way to find the exact type of porn that you want, so it’s little wonder that I went on over to the category archive next. I’m seeing a majority of popular niches here, including anal, Asian, public, lingerie, lesbians and interracial – they’ve even got a few ‘niche’ sections with massage porn, pigtails and beach smut if that’s your cup of tea. I actually noticed a very special category in this area too – top videos. I’m not sure how these are sorted or organized, but at least you can enjoy a ‘best of’ collection if that’s what you’re hunting down. With thousands of videos up for grabs, it makes sense to only sort through the cream of the crop, right?

Viewing Taxi69’s videos

I eventually decided on a thumbnail that was relevant to my interests and immediately clicked on it to sample the Taxi 69 viewing experience. I mean, did you really expect Mr. Porn Geek to resist a clip of a busty ebony chick giving an incredible massage to some white dude’s fat cock? Once on the stream page, you’ll find a very basic loading area to click ‘play’ on for the video to kick off – after that, you’ve only really got the option to change the size of the player and how loud it’s being broadcast to your delicate ears. There are some related clips attached at the footer of each scene, but I think it’s quite obvious that is going for the minimal vibe above all else. Hell, they don’t even show you the pornstar’s names or categories attached to each release. I also noticed a lack of download options, but if you’re crafting you can use the element tracker in Chrome to find the original MP4 with minimal effort. Downloading on Taxi69 gives you a speed of around 1 MB/s – not perfect by any means, but certainly not terrible either.

What Taxi69 is missing

Mr. Porn Geek is a critic, so it’s not good for me to just sit here and praise a website without giving you some negatives to balance it out. While I like the minimal style that is going for, I can’t help but feel that the whole porn experience here is a little too bare bones for my liking. Hell, just a dropdown option on most videos would be sufficient for me to be satisfied – I want to know who’s performing for Christ’s sake! I also think that more advanced sorting and filtering would give this place an edge over other recommendations that I make. Mr. Porn Geek isn’t hardly struggling to find great tube websites to review: you’ve got to be real competitive these days if you want to get the all-clear from me!

Final thoughts on Taxi69

Okay gang – I’ve probably said all that needs to be said here. Taxi69 has a decent chunk of videos and with so much professional porn it’s hard to go wrong, but the minimal vibe is a little on the heavy side if you ask me. Functionality is important and there’s one too many things missing from for it to be a top-tier tube site. Having said that, you do get XXX videos for free and many of the scenes are in HD: hard to go wrong when this much quality smut is on the table and doesn’t cost you a penny!

Review Pros

  • HD porn videos
  • Easy to navigate
  • Pornstar profiles

Review Cons

  • Too minimal
  • No sorting options