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Loona Scandi Premium Snapchat: Mr. Porn Geek’s review

Self-described as being a Scandinavian orgasm addict, Mr. Porn Geek is going to spend the entirety of this review talking about the one and only Loona Scandi. You’ll notice from the get go that the best asset when it comes to this blonde princess is what’s in front of her chest. This girl has some of the finest tits I’ve seen on an amateur and yeah – that’s always going to be the main selling point of any curvy girl from Europe that looks as stellar as this chick does! Now I’ve been following Loona Scandi on her premium Snapchat for the last week and I want to tell you all about it: keep reading and I’ll give you the full, high IQ opinion of a porn king!

The divide between paid and free Loona Scandi Snapchat

As with many girls who have a premium Snapchat account, Loona Scandi also runs a free alternative that you can follow if you’re unable to contribute to the private service. This comes with a few benefits (it doesn’t cost you a penny for a start!) but naturally, you won’t get the very best content from Loona Scandi. Whether or not that’s something you’re willing to give up is totally your call, but Mr. Porn Geek will be devoting this review to what Loona Scandi offers on her premium Snapchat service. Don’t worry – I’ve provided both links on the page you’ll find shared here, so just follow what I’ve posted and you’ll be able to grab instant access to the free Snapchat account from Loona Scandi. With that out of the way, let me talk about content that Loona Scandi has to offer on Snapchat! It’s quite enjoyable if I’m being perfectly honest.

Private Snapchat content from Loona Scandi

The tits here are the biggest selling points and Loona Scandi knows that all too well. She’s regularly got milk clips up and available if you’re into lactating women – it fires all over the place and it’ll even hit the lens from time to time! A lot of what Loona Scandi puts onto her premium Snapchat is shows that align with the content she makes for Many Vids. You’re going to see this European beauty fucking herself with a 12 inch black dildo, running around the garden with her tits flopping all over the place and squirting as well! We all love a good squirter, right? Well Loona Scandi is exactly that and on her Snapchat, you’re going to see plenty of her pussy leaking its very tasty juice.

Public content seems to be a big draw for Loona Scandi and she’s not afraid to do oil shows at the beach or fuck herself in a deck chair at the Air BNB.  Hell, Loona has even created content from airplane toilets – I know plenty of guys are going to absolutely love watching those! Well versed on the pole, she’ll also show off her dancing skills whenever she gets the ability to do so. Oh and as the final icing on the cake, what could be better than daily selfies in skimpy outfits and outright nude displays? The content delivered by Loona Scandi is really something else entirely!

My final, professional thoughts on Loona Scandi’s Snapchat

I was actually surprised by just how much content Loona Scandi has to offer: she’s not the most popular minx that has a premium Snapchat account, but she’s one of my favorites – especially considering just how low cost it is to follow her! I wouldn’t be surprised if the price eventually went up here, but for now, Loona Scandi is a naughty Snapchat girlfriend with great interaction and stellar content. Milky tit lovers and European addicts of squirting – you’ve got to visit this blonde before some billionaire marries her! She’s a total gem and I’ve got absolutely no reservations with giving her my official endorsement and seal of approval. Cheers for reading and happy squeezing gang – go watch what Loona Scandi does best on Snapchat!

Review Pros
  • Blonde European
  • She's a squirter
  • Great price
Review Cons
  • No hardcore content
  • Average production quality