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The luxury of Luxure TV

Tube sites have always been the rage online – people can’t get enough of free XXX videos and at, you’ll have a decent amount of smut to look at no matter what genre you’re looking at. Free porn clips here are the name of the game and Mr. Porn Geek is going to go over what’s available for those that head on over and use this place as their go-to source for adult videos. With so many tubes working overtime to get your attention, what is it about Luxure TV that makes it worth a visit? Continue reading below as Mr. Porn Geek pays a visit to get serious about smut.

Starting on the start page

As is tradition when reviewing websites for my platform, I like to look at homepages in quite lengthy detail since it’s the most important page of the website. The homepage of displays what I assume to be the most popular uploads in the last few days – it seems a bit all over the place and sadly, there’s no sorting feature here to see just what I’m getting. Thankfully, the header assists by providing us with a way to sort material based on ratings, views, length and number of comments: pretty standard stuff for any tube site these days, but they’re important to have none the less. Aside from that, the only two links of relevance are the channels and community areas.

Categories here at Luxure TV

So instead of being called categories, LuxureTV refers to them as ‘channels’ – I’ve seen a few sites do this in recent years and to be honest, I’m not sure why. Click here to visit the category page and take your pick from a huge range of niches! We’re talking classics such as Asian, lesbian, mature and teen alongside some more interesting material via squirting, public sex and muscled categories. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why there are some weird and strange fetishes focused on here – I think the owners have a thing for more fetish smut to be honest with you.

After clicking on a category, you’ll be taken through to the archive page where all of the videos associated with it are located. To try things out I opted to look at all of the ebony porn at they had hundreds of legitimate uploads, all of which featured dark-skinned honeys in heat. I think what a lot of people will like is that there’s just such a range of smut sources here. For instance, I noticed a professional bondage scene with a submissive black chick, some amateur Shaniqua swallowing black dick in a public toilet and a college coed filming herself playing with her fat pussy. This isn’t just amateur material or professional studio smut: it’s a bit of a combination between the two that I think most folks will see as a major selling point.

The video playing experience

So after clicking on a clip that seems relevant to your interests, you’ll be given a direct embed from that only has a few basic options: play, volume and maximize. There are no quality options or download features here: they like to keep things simple. Below the stream you’ve got social media options (does ANYONE share their latest nut video on Facebook?), embed HTML and categories associated with the upload. Now while I mentioned the lack of download button, you can actually just right-click on the video are and click ‘save video as’ if you want it stored locally. The download server ran at around 1.2 MB/s – not too shabby, but hardly capping out most standard Internet connections.

Below all of that, you’ve got a section where you can comment (and read those left by others) as well as associated videos. Those associated clips seem focused heavily on categories as opposed to models, which somewhat transitions into my next point – the lack of a pornstar directory is a bit of a problem for me. The site features content from Dakota Skye and Riley Reid, so why not have pages to make my job easier of seeing them in action? I think all tubes should have this feature – it’s not hard to program and means that your viewers can get the porn they want just that little bit easier. Anyway, I’ll stop complaining: Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t want to sound like his girlfriend.

The community pages

So unlike some porn tubes, has a community tab where people can have profiles and sign up to chat with other people. They’ve got a lot of animal stuff here (mainly hentai) so honestly I’d just avoid it if I were you – I hate that shit and I don’t really want to promote it on my website if it can be helped. I’d much prefer it if cleaned up its community and got rid of those freaks. Keep the sissies and dudes torturing their own dicks if you want, just get rid of the dog cocks for me.

I noticed poking around that a lot of the videos here are real raw and nasty in some cases: quite a bit of scat material and pissing porn, although the latter doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the former. What is it about guys and shit, man? Can’t you just leave all of that rough stuff out of the equation? I remember the good old days when dudes used to jerk off to actual porn when they wanted to bust a nut!

My final thoughts on this tube site

This isn’t my favorite tube site by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s got some unique content and it’s all available for free, so I don’t think I can complain all that much. It does run over HTTPS and you don’t need a membership to download content locally: those two factors make this place quite the dream for people who want private access and local storage of the porn that they watch. In terms of improvement: video quality could be better and overall, the site design feels a bit dated. Mr. Porn Geek also thinks that for many vanilla porn addicts, this place isn’t going to be your cup of tea: a lot of the smut is extreme to say the very least! I also don’t like the distasteful stuff I found, but Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t want to be too judgmental.

Review Pros

  • Lots of amateur smut
  • Free downloads
  • Encrypted connection

Review Cons

  • Some unethical porn
  • Average quality videos
  • Dated site design