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Hentai’s great, isn’t it? I like to think so, which is why I’ve found yet another hot archive of Japanese porn that you’re going to fall in love with from the get go. It’s called Luscious and put simply, this place is packed with hentai pleasure that’s going to blow your mind – and your load – in a matter of minutes. From the homepage onward, you’ll be grabbing handfuls of hot hentai that’s thrown at you from all angles. Getting down to business with some of the greatest hentai around is made so easy thanks to Luscious – let me explain a little more!

Instead of just looking at original hentai, Luscious also likes to archive material from professional hentai publications and other sources. Hell, there’s a Tristana folder from League of Legends here, as well as characters from Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. If you’re just looking for full-length hentai comics, be sure to hit the ‘Manga’ link at the top of the page. This will take you through to all of those original hentai releases produced by quality Japanese artists – most of them are translated into English for your convenience too, which is pretty dope.

If I’m being honest, your biggest struggle when you visit is going to be where you to start. This site has a whole lot going on and they populate most of it on the main page in feed form. This is where you can check out the latest luscious porn activity and its also where updates from the people and communities you follow can be found. Its a pretty little neat arrangement that ensures you don’t miss out on seeing the freshest smut posted to lusciousnet since your last visit.

They’ve also done a magnificent job of organizing the site as a whole. Everything is sectioned off into very well marked areas that are hard to miss. If you’re craving juicy luscious hentai movies, head to the videos section where you’ll find thousands of them. Just a heads up though, this section contains regular porn and hentai porn. If the latter is all you’re interested in, go straight to the hentai series tag and you’ll be treated to over 1,500 videos of nothing but the best there is in drawn porn. An average of 3 to 4 new videos are added per day making this one of the most active communities on lusciousnet.

If your voyage for luscious porn ended up with you desperately typing the words “hentai manga luscious” into google, I have to say whoa, good luck finding that my man. I don’t know what hentai manga luscious means but I do know that luscious net has got a fantastic library of manga porn. I mean, they even go as far as to split it into 15 different categories to make browsing as painless as possible. Each category has got a ton of albums, some even have thousands of albums! And while most of these categories aka communites have members in the five figures, some like the general hentai community proudly boast of a membership count in the six figures! Surely all these people are onto something special, wouldn’t you agree? You can jump on this fun wagon too by joining each individual community. To do that though, you need to create an account first. Registration doesn’t cost a thing.

After you get your fill of all the awesomeness the maga section has to offer, allow me to draw your attention to the subsection called luscious artists. You can find it under the pictures tab. This is where the original magic happens in my humble opinion. The artists are clearly very talented and hungry for their 15 minutes so they pump out some pretty good stuff in this corner. If its original luscious hentai porn you want, this should be one of the first communities you join. Its fun to watch some artists take you through their creative process and of course, the end result is definitely worth it.

If GIFs are your thing, there is an entire section of them but tread lightly here because the hentai GIFs are thrown into a whole pile with non-hentai GIFs which is a tad annoying but it is what it is. Scroll through them all until you find what you want and enjoy. All in all, this site delivers sipping hot hentai porn that hits just the right spot. If its drawn porn you’re after, this destination certainly won’t disappoint you!

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  • Great design

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