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Lets Talk About LargeHdTube:

I’m just going to keep it 100 with you: I have absolutely no idea what ‘Large’ in ‘LargeHDTube’ means, but I am familiar with the concept of HD and well, any site that’s offering high definition videos in a tube format is almost certainly worth talking a look at. When you visit the homepage of Large HD Tube, you’ll be shown a massive number of categories that the videos here are archived in.

We’re talking MILF, anal, big ass, teen, college, shemale and more. No matter what your particular desire is for adult sex videos, Large HD Tube has what you seek. The categories each have thousands of videos in them, with some having over 100,000.

One thing that I should mention is that all of the content here is actually stored on other websites. LargeHDTube simply points you into the direction that you’ll need to go if you want the videos. I also noticed that not all of the clips on the external sites are in high definition, although most are, so that’s acceptable.

I sampled about 30 different links and I’d say 5 of them weren’t HD, 5 of them only offered 720p and the other 20 all supported full 1080p HD content. LargeHDTube also has quite big breakdowns in various categories, something that I’ll go over in the next paragraph for you!

Categorically categorical

The biggest niche that I can see here is teen and understandably so! There are 600,000 uploads in this segment and to be honest, that’s just insane. Elsewhere, you’ll find 53,000 massage videos, 30,000 in the casting section and around 20,000 bondage clips to enjoy.

They’ve also got some smaller collections of uncommon niches, such as sleeping, nudist, yoga and muscle scenes: no matter what your flavor, chances are that Large HD Tube is giving you something worth taking a look at. Mr. Porn Geek cannot stand places that don’t have a decent chunk of smut to the users, so this place gets a bit more favor from me simply owing to the fact that it’s chock full of adult material.

The downsides 

I don’t like to complain about large porn tubes all that often, but I think it’s worth going over some factors here that I think are a little less than perfect. Firstly, LargeHDTube doesn’t support the ability to use the website over HTTPS: a cardinal sin, especially since encryption is completely free of charge thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

Ideally, I’d like to see these guys change their minds and support proper internet security. Do I think someone’s going to MotM Large HD Tube? Probably not, but it’s the principle, man! Mr. Porn Geek made the change and hasn’t looked back: I just wished more places did the same.

All things considered, LargeHDTube is a pretty good smut site that operates quite well as a large porn tube anyone on the Internet can access. The categories are decent, the porn is great and there aren’t too many problems here with adverts or spam. Bottom line: check out Large HD Tube today and if you like what you see, be sure to bookmark the tube so you can always go back for more!

Review Pros
  • Lots of videos
  • Lots of categories
Review Cons
  • Not all HD
  • Externally stored