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As far as I know, Lady Cheeky is one of the most popular Tumblr sites out there these days – especially when it comes to the niche of blogs that are devoted to entertainment that’s supposed to appeal to women. Described as the #1 porn site for women, Lady Cheeky’s prime focus is on sensual images and erotic GIFs that showcase some kinky niches women are supposed to be into. We’re talking about that black and white three-second video thing that people on Tumblr love, only this site has it on steroids. It’s pretty clear to me that Lady Cheeky is beating a lot of the competition out of the water.

Alongside the regular updates erotic GIF updates aimed at babes, Lady Cheeky also has a resources page supported by Elle Chase. You can find out about the workshops she offers, as well as press details and books that Elle has released. Lady Cheeky is good at what it does and offers something of a teasing method of looking at female entertainment. Just be warned: you’re going to see a lot of black and white material, as well as a whole heap of pussy eating.

Unfortunately Tumblr decided to throw a wrench into the Lady Cheeky party by banning adult content on its platform so as of now LadyCheeky is on pause while the owner figures out how to proceed going forward. Before this abrupt and rather rude interruption, Lady Cheeky had amassed over 200,000 Tumblr followers all eager to get their daily fix of porn that focuses on the woman’s satisfaction and not the man’s!

The site was – and still is – proof that women enjoy porn as much men, maybe not the hardcore stuff that dudes enjoy but definitely the more erotic porn where desire and passion emit so much heat, you can feel it burning off your screen as you watch! At its peak, LadyCheeky was definitely a force to be reckoned with and if you doubt that, check the receipts aka their archives.

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  • Regular updates
  • Nice design
  • Simple to use

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  • No lengthy material
  • Basic site features