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My take on the Danbooru website

With the domain name of Danbooru.donmai.us, I wouldn’t say that the site I’m about to review is all that clean in the URL department. For convenience, I’m just going to refer to this place as Danbooru. For those that aren’t too ‘in the know’ about hentai online, Danbooru has been around since around 2006 and has always been a popular destination for NSFW cartoon goodness. I’ve written a lot about doujinshi over the last few weeks but I think it’s fair to say that Danbooru isn’t too much about that life – it appears to be more ‘rule 34’ focused as opposed to anything else: plenty of lewds that are one-off productions from people who are passionate about art and do it for their own personal pleasure. Anyway, let’s get down to the full review so you can get an understanding of what’s on offer here.

The initial website experience

When landing on the homepage of Danbooru, you’ll find what I’m guessing to be a complete collection of the latest uploaded content to the platform. It’s relatively tidy and you can even click around a few different locations to find more specific material that’s pertinent to your interests. I’m going to take you on a little bit of a hentai journey here, so strap yourself in and get ready for what can only be described as a grand tour of XXX manga heaven!
Let’s kick off by checking out the tags page that Dangbooru has: this is where you’ll want to go if you’ve got a particular interest and want to find content that only features that type of thing. I’ll be honest: the design of this tags collection is pretty damn terrible, seeing as question marks populate the first initial batch of displayed tags and they’ve only got 1 or 2 associated posts. The good news is that you can use the search bar at the top to get what you’re after! I went ahead and typed in Final Fantasy: I uncovered a collection of over 24,000 uploads and boy, let me tell you, they’ve got every single angle covered.

A closer look at some content

I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy VII, mainly because that’s the gaming title that brought me much joy when I was a younger man. There are just shy of 5,000 tagged artworks that feature characters from this particular series: insane to say the very least. The website features more casual and softcore content, such as Tifa’s big tits in a nice tank top, although you can easily find hardcore stuff like Yuffie’s Asian ass being pumped full of big white cock. The great thing about websites like this is that you’ll find parody characters in a wide range of art styles and engaging in various activities: some lewd, some not. I think it’s fair to say that Danbooru’s wide array of material is incredibly satisfying for people that aren’t too fussed about what they come across.

The Danbooru artists

The artists area of Danbooru is a good place to go if you’ve got a particular interest in the works of a particular individual. These aren’t always directly affiliated with the website, but they sometimes get biographies and data added to their profiles if they become big enough. One example would be an artist known as Yohane: they have well over one thousand uploads on the platform and links to their original material upload locations as well. Pro tip: be sure to sort the artists based on ‘post count’ and ‘active’ to see the people who are currently pumping out material on the hentai world: it’s one hell of a convenient method for getting your hands on the best of the best! Everyone knows that fresh hentai is superior, right? Mr. Porn Geek sure does.

The wiki page

If you visit the Danbooru wiki page, you’ll see that they have a hell of a lot of stuff to say about their website and how it operates. Something about the hentai community always amazes me: these dudes go above and beyond to make their platforms as inclusive and top-tier as possible. They’ve got contributors, guides for uploading and information for new people who aren’t quite sure about what Danbooru brings to the table. I was also pretty amazed to see that Danbooru’s website is completely open source: they’ve got a GitHub repo where you can grab the code if you want to run it on your own machine. Fascinating if you ask me!

Check out the forums

When you’re done geeking out over all of the hentai up for grabs at Danbooru, feel free to shuffle on over to the forums where you can talk to people about a whole bunch of different things. A lot of the discussion is on the website itself and people come from all over the world to discuss the platform and what can be done to improve it. I will state for the record that things here can get a little autistic from time to time: they’ll debate for hours about whether or not a range of tags should be merged, or complain that their hentai image was removed from the platform for whatever reason. I’ll never get over the fact that hentai fans devote a decent chunk of their life to their passion – it ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts

Look, I’m not going to sit here and rag on hentai addicts for putting love into their craft – I think that Danbooru is a great platform and everyone who visits is probably going to love what they find on the other side. The bottom line is that this curation of amateur hentai is completely free to enjoy and is cataloged and archived appropriately so that you can maximize your access to fapping material.

Check it out today – I think you’re going to love Danbooru and what it brings to the table.

Review Pros

  • Free to use
  • Community effort
  • Lots of hentai

Review Cons

  • Little bit autistic
  • Some category issues