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Mr. Porn Geek has always been a big fan of hunting for great porn, so the fact I’ve come across a place called ClipHunter – which happens to be pretty damn good for smut – seemed to be cosmic alignment or something of the sort. What this place offers is basically a destination for you to enjoy XXX clips of the best sort directly from one location. It’s got a great name and after spending a few minutes here, I figured it was worth subjecting to the full Mr. Porn Geek treatment. Interested in learning more and seeing what’s on offer? Then continue reading my exclusive review of ClipHunter down below.

From the homepage onward

As is customary with almost all of my reviews on Mr. Porn Geek, I like to judge books by their covers and ClipHunter really did do a number when it came to providing a stellar initial experience. I’ll mention first that the general design and layout of this place is fantastic – it’s got a great, clean interface and the preview segments are just smooth as silk in terms of readability. For instance, in the top bulk section of the homepage you’ve got popular clips – two lines of 6 are displayed and if you want, you can flick this over to recommendations and your personal subscriptions if you so desire.

Below that, a list of featured videos is displayed – these are the ones that the team behind ClipHunter seems to want to promote above all the others. You can go down further on the page to see a list of popular pornstars too, but more on that feature later. So far, I’m having a great time using Clip Hunter and it’s ticking all of my boxes when it comes to features offered by tube sites that I think are more than fantastic. The review isn’t over yet though: I’ve still got plenty more stuff to look at!

Going through the categories

Categories are a vital part of any porn streaming service so it should go without saying that ClipHunter better deliver on this front if it’s going to get anywhere near the top of my list of the best video streaming websites. If you visit the categories page, you’ll find a good mixture of the classics and less demanded niches. We’re talking blowjobs, Latinas, facials and fingering to name but a few: whatever your poison, chances are that ClipHunter has something for you to chow down on. You’ll probably notice quickly that all category pages also have advanced sorting options, so you can order material based on upload date, rating, length and even some advanced stuff to boot. My favorite feature is the HD toggle on the right-hand side of the content area: this lets you only see stuff of 720p quality and above.

A close look at the video experience

So it should come as no surprise that while Mr. Porn Geek is satisfied thus far, I think the porn viewing experience here has to be good for me to even think about recommending this place to you folks. The first clip I sampled was this Dillion Harper massage upload – quite a good choice, I’m sure you’ll agree. The video player is fairly basic but totally function: you can select any time you want, pause the action, control the volume and go full screen if you want that immersive jerking experience. One thing I didn’t notice at the beginning here was that there are a few clickable features at the top of the video player, such as quality selection (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.) video expansion (but not full screen) and a handy dimming feature, since the whole color scheme is quite bright.

One feature I really have to point out is that you can right-click on the embed and choose ‘save as’ if you want to store the video locally. ClipHunter servers seem to allow a maximum download speed of 2 MB/s, which is about twice the rate of most free tube websites. This doesn’t require an account and doesn’t appear to have any limits associated with it: can’t say fairer than that, really! You can actually scroll down and select ‘download’ too – this requires you to pass a Google CAPTCHA, but your speed gets bumped up to unlimited (my connection capped out its full 20 MB/s rate with this option).

The pornstar pages

I’ve noticed that the most recent tube sites I’ve focused on haven’t been too useful when it comes to finding smut starring the same girl time and time again: that’s where ClipHunter sets itself apart from the competition. If you head on over to the pornstars page, you’ll see a list of models that you can click on to see all of their work. This is based by default on ratings, but you can sort alphabetically and by number of followers if you wish. All of my favorites were indexed here including the likes of Lucy Doll, Remy LaCroix, Brandi Love and Asa Akira: if you’ve got a pornstar you want to see a collection of porn from, use this feature from ClipHunter whenever you can. It’s fantastic for tracking down all of the clips associated with a single chick.

Playlists and more to boot

Some users over at ClipHunter have taken full advantage of the playlist feature to create collections of porn that other users might be interested in. These can be anything from all of Abigail Mac’s HD videos through to cowgirl scenes and tiny girls having hardcore sex. You can follow these playlists if you have an account too, so if you’re interested in more niche and selective content, it’s a great way to get your hands on exactly that.

I think the final feature worth mentioning here on is the channels function – this is where scenes from the same studio are all uploaded and collected. We’re talking smut from some pretty big names here, including the likes of Teen Curves, Evil Angel, Girls Do Porn, Team Skeet and more. Many of these platforms have dozens, if not hundreds of releases for you to look at completely free of charge. A nice little touch is that on the main channel index, you can see the average length of each channel’s material: this lets you know if they’re more focused on teaser trailers or full-length back catalog releases.

My final thoughts on Clip Hunter

Honestly, it’s hard for me to have too many criticisms of this free tube website: it does almost everything perfectly and I can’t fault them for the small restrictions they do have (since all sites do it just to keep things running smooth). Having adverts is an obvious disadvantage,

but Mr. Porn Geek has those too, so I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I marked them down on my list for something like that. Compared to the competition, I can only think of a few sites that beat out Clip Hunter: I think that’s a pretty good endorsement and if you’ve exhausted all of your other sources for XXX videos, you might want to check this place out sooner rather than later. ClipHunter is a terrific tube website that offers free HD porn starring some of the best in the business getting nude and rude in front of the camera.

Review Pros
  • Updates regularly
  • Free videos
  • Lengthy releases
Review Cons
  • Average thumbnail quality
  • Limited amateur porn