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Yoyo for Zozo

From what I can gather, Chat ZoZo is the closest any site has come to providing its visitors with access to live sex chat that is completely free of charge. When on the homepage, simply hit the ‘sex chat’ button and you’ll be taken through to a room where you can talk to people that are logged into the site. At the time of writing this review, the sex chat area had 300 people inside, with a nice split between girls and guys. Most people typically use the general area to find someone that they then go into private with, although you can talk about sex openly if you’d like.

Free and enjoyable

Another good area on Chat ZoZo is the video chat room – plenty of girls stream here from time to time and while it’s not always naughty, I doubt you’ll find a site where it happens more than right here on Chat ZoZo. There are also some specialist chat rooms here for people with a particular taste, such as those that want to talk with other lesbians, gays or even an Indian chat room. I don’t speak Hindi so I’m unable to tell you whether this area is any good, but I’m going to guess that it’s not all that terrible – it was quite populated when I checked too, although with 1 billion people, that’s surely not difficult.

Everybody got rules

It’s important to follow the rules when you go into Zozo chat rooms, so make sure that you’re only speaking in English and not any other language in the English-focused section. This site has made efforts to give additional access to people who speak other languages, so utilize those as needed. There’s also a general understanding that you’re not mean, abusive or trolling toward anyone in particular: if you violate these rules then you’re going to get in some trouble, that’s for sure!

The Zozochat area itself is quite nice and tidy: sometimes you visit an adult chat site and the way they present everything just isn’t all that attractive. If you want to have a one on one chat with someone, simply click on their name and hit ‘private chat’, which will open a popup that you can use to communicate with them directly. Note that this box will be rather small to begin with, but you can make it slightly bigger if you want by expanding the area that it takes up – I’m not sure why it’s so tiny to begin with, but at least there’s a solution.

The extra features

When chatting with someone, you can actually use a microphone to record messages that get sent through the website – it’s HTTPS as well, so the communication is encrypted. You can also take pictures for personal chats too – quite the advantage if you’re looking to transfer some sexy selfies to chicks (or dudes if you’re a babe reading this right now). Seems like Zo Zo Chat thought of everything with this website!


Okay, so to finish up, ZoZo Sex Chat is a good service as far as I’m concerned – they promise something and you get exactly that. Anyway guys, thanks for reading this review and I hope that you get the live sex cam show you’ve been waiting for. Go out there and enjoy yourselves!

Review Pros

  • Some cams
  • Free to use

Review Cons

  • Lots of guys
  • Dated site design