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For quite a few years, Boo Loo has been one of the better archive sites on the Internet for content that other porn hubs have. Put simply, is a collection of free porn videos that you’ll find on sites like xHamster, Red Tube and the like, but instead of hosting them locally, they just embed the XXX clips and allow you to watch them with a minimal interface. A great idea that results in some easy porn viewing – you also get access to more clips than you normally would, so that’s a massive bonus too!

The content here is sorted based upon niche, but the choice between greats such as mature, teen, amateur, lesbian, shemale, anal and more given to you. Whatever your taste in adult sex videos is, there’s a real high chance that has you covered. Anyway, when you find the category you want, go through and look at the scenes: once you’ve got one you like the look of, watch it and have fun!

Boo Loo is not exactly the most well organized site on the web. The tags taking up almost the entire top half of the homepage are a turn off. But hold your nose and scroll past them to get to the fun videos has to offer. They have videos by the truckload and by that I mean page after page after page of non stop fucking. This is a good thing. There are currently over 53,000 pages all stacked to the brim with hardcore porn videos so there’s a lot of scrolling and jumping around from page to page involved here. It’ll test your patience a lot but its worth it.

You can skip all that carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing scrolling by just using the search box to get to what you want faster. Be ware though that search is only available in English. Boo Loo does however offer translation for multiple other languages.

Perusing through all the booloo porn seems like such a tedious chore because Booloo is honestly one gigantic mess with very limited browsing tools. I found that you’re much better off using the search option I mentioned above or just clicking on the tags provided and then going with the flow. A little formatting wouldn’t hurt one bit but free porn is free porn I suppose so who am I to complain? I did like the fact that the videos open in a new window which means you can pick right back up from where you were when you’re done with one video.

Say for example you click on the stepdad tag – because taboo porn is apparently pretty popular with the BooLoo tube crowd – well, you’ll get back 11 pages of heart stopping step family incest porn, opened in a new page. Click on the video of the horny stepdad with his head buried in his Asian stepdaughter’s hairy snatch and that too will open in a different window. When you’re done, simply go back to the first window and check out another stepdad banging step daughter video. Since we’re talking about this subject, I highly recommend checking out the video of a hot pigtailed blonde teen getting her ass cherry popped by her much older step father with a monstrous dick!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more left field like spanking. Well, chill out my friend because BooLoo has that too. In fact the BooLoo porn collection features canning, paddling, whipping and a whole lot more. This isn’t just simple playful spanking you see everywhere else. This is real, rough spanking meant to inflict the maximum pain possible. And there are over 10 pages of it for you to enjoy.

Right about now I bet you’re thinking, come on Mr. Porn Geek, lay it on me- what’s the absolute craziest shit BooLoo has. Well, that’s subjective. What’s weird to me may be normal to you and vice versa. I will say this about this BooLoo, they have all sorts of nasty shit here. Shit that would make your eyes bulge out of their sockets and they give it to your straight. That’s right BooLoo doesn’t censor a thing. They aggregate all sorts of porn from all tubes across the web and dump them right on their site for your consumption. How much you consume and what kind you choose is entirely up to you.

I must say that variety is one of the major strengths at BooLoo tube. They have a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone. Straight, gay, bicurious, hardcore, kinky, tame, really nasty – all the bases are covered here. I’m also sure they’ve got some questionable shit listed but I couldn’t be bothered to look that deep into it because I was too busy enjoying all their amateur stuff.

For me, what it really comes down to is this: The site is easy to use, its free of charge and it has a lot of adult entertainment, so I can’t see a reason not to recommend this to my faithful Mr. Porn Geek readers. Have fun, folks.

Review Pros
  • Lots of niches
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • External videos
  • Needs a HD filter