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I know, it sounds a little weird, but if you want to find some X-rated videos and enjoy getting access to every site out there – not just the big ones – then I firmly believe that Bing is a place for you to do that. See, Bing operates as a video search engine if you head on over to the ‘video’ location and here, you’ll be able to watch some scene previews, as well as look at photographs, with relatively little hassle. Make sure you turn Safe Search off though – it’s set to moderate by default. Anyway, the results interface on Bing is what really sells it, so put in what you’re looking for and go ahead: you’ll be amazed what you find!

When you hover over the thumbnail of whatever scene it is you think you’ll like, the result will play a small segment almost immediately without you needing to go to the site itself. It also gives you the location of where the film is from, how long it lasts and the number of views it has built up since being online. Finally, the header will give you related searches, so you can see some other potential search terms that might yield the type of erotic video entertainment you’re after. So yeah, if you want a good porn video search engine, simply flipping over to Bing is a great way to set about getting one.’

Review Pros

  • Great thumbnail display
  • Archives lots of sites

Review Cons

  • No rating sort function
  • Some low quality results