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Bad Jojo is an adult search engine that describes itself as “the #1 porn video search engine”. It’s incredible minimal in design from the get go and already has a search word (teen) inputted for you if you want to jump straight on in to the good stuff. allows you to filter content based on relevance of material, how recently it was released and the duration of the scene. You can also choose to only look at videos that have been put online in the last 24 hours, week or month. Oh, the site also has a ‘pornstars’ feature where you can sort through a massive list of models that are famous for fucking. The ‘top 100’ list here is also useful, as it allows you to look at the best fuckers in the business.

I searched the site for ‘Japanese’ and found a total of around 64,000 videos come back to me. That’s a good number, and with many of the clips not being censored, I was happy as Larry with the result. Note that the site seems to showcase very lengthy scenes before anything else – I sorted by upload date and clips tended to be around 10 minutes in length on average, whereas the default listing had all of them over an hour. Along the left-hand side of the page, you can view sub-niches as well as a number of site filters and whatnot. is a pretty decent search engine and I do recommend it for budding porn hunters.

Review Pros

  • Huge number of archived videos
  • Advanced filtering available
  • Some amateur content

Review Cons

  • Shows lengthy scenes first
  • Some adverts
  • No HD filter