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If you’re reading Mr. Porn Geek then you probably know that I’m great when it comes to finding good looking babes, but if you think you’re better than me, I recommend you pay a visit to BabesRater. This site has one simple concept: you look at lots of pictures of sexy chicks and decide, on a scale of 1-10, just how hot they are. Alternatively, you can just look at the top rated chicks to find some crowd-sourced entertainment of the wildest cuties that are nude and looking to tease you. Note that all of the material here is solo or lesbian in nature: no dicks allowed!

Girls that have appeared on Babes Rater include Alicja Ruchala, Abi Ratchford, Charlotte Gainesbourg and Leah Gotti. There are thousands of ladies that have hit the archives of this site and all of them are pretty damn gorgeous. If you’d like, you can even choose to upload your own pictures at BabesRater for other people to vote on! It’s pretty much my favorite place to visit if I’m just wanting to find some attractive ladies. Good content, quality posts and easy to navigate: not bad at all!

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  • Hot babes in action
  • Regular posts
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  • Lots of header links
  • Sets could be bigger