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This Website Has Closed Down. Click Here for Alternative Arab Porn Sites

Arx Hamster is one of those tube sites that has decided to do the job of sharing Arabic porn in the language native to most Muslims. It’s not exactly the most incredible of concepts and for those visiting that don’t speak Arabic, I recommend using some sort of translation feature to get the most out of your porn hunting attempts. What’s good at Arx Hamster is the fact that you don’t really need to focus that much on the language: thumbnails are more than enough and seeing as you’re unlikely to understand what’s going on in the first place, it matters little to read what the title of each scene is.

One thing I will note is that from what I can tell, every single Arabic porn video on is amateur in nature. You’re not going to see third-generation tanned chicks in America wearing a hijab and saying they’re Arabic: it’s the real deal with sluts in the Middle East taking cock and risking a lot because of it. Arx Hamster is a nice site guys, so pay a visit there today and grab yourself what looks to be like one of the best amateur deposits of Arabic porn around.

Review Pros

  • Great amateur Arabic porn
  • Regular updates

Review Cons

  • No English version
  • Some adverts