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So a few days ago I was looking around the Internet for different sites and I suddenly realized: I’ve never written on XTube before! This struck me as slightly odd, because in all of my history of producing reviews, Xtube.com is a place that I personally visited quite a few times to get porn. See, out of all the major tube destinations that offer people the ability to upload their own material, I’m confident that the best place to get it is right here on XTube. They’ve got the highest number of genuine users that want to share their erotic pictures and videos with the world!

When you land on the homepage of XTube, you’ll be able to pick whether or not you want to see male or female content, as well as include some transsexual content for good measure if that’s at all interesting to you. You’ll notice a nice mixture of user-submitted material and professional content here on XTube – there’s also a ‘community’ section where you can interact with others that have porn to offer! Some people even make cash from the site by uploading their own material, which as far as I’m concerned is pretty damn cool. Anyway, enough from me: go to XTube today and get some of this porn in you!

Review Pros
  • Great amateur porn
  • Good community
  • Some HD clips
Review Cons
  • Adverts
  • Ran by Mindgeek