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WetAndPissy is a network site that belongs to the Puffy Network. All of the content here is devoted to hot girls that piss on the camera and cover themselves in their own golden goodness. As far as urine porn websites go, this is likely the one that has the highest quality content and girls: it seems a little more vanilla than most pissing porn hubs, and because of that, it’s an excellent way for those that have an interest in water sports to dip their toe into the niche. Wet And Pissy started four years ago and has updated with a new scene every week ever since.

The current archive consists of just over 280 scenes, all of which are made up of a photo set and video. The photos are provided in multiple zipped image sets and the videos can be downloaded in a range of qualities, including 1080p and more importantly, 4K. That’s right – Wet And Pissy, as far as I know, is the only urine-themed paysite that provides you access to 4K golden shower porn. You’ll also be able to check out three other sites when you join: Wet And Puffy; We Like To Suck And Euro Babe Facials.

WetAndPissy Review

The women here love to let loose their golden streams of warm pee, getting the relief their bladders love and so much more. For people that have pissing fantasies, this place could be heaven. Whether you already know that you like to feel that warm liquid on your body, you like the humiliation aspect that piss porn can bring, you think about drinking piss, or you are just curious about what the hype is all about, Wet and Pissy is a site that you can use for all of these.

Finding the top porn movies for piss play is not as easy as some other genres, there just aren’t as many sites out there. What this means is that when you find a site the piques your interest, you will want to get a membership. Get one with the links at Mr. Porn Geek. There is no reason to overpay for porn and I have the porn del hook-ups.

With over 400 scenes here, this is a site that has a great selection. Sure, there are sites that have a thousand clips, but these sites are not pissing porn websites, they are regular porn. This is niche porn for people that are curious about piss porn (or already know they love it). The scenes here can be downloaded in multiple formats and can be streamed. Multiple bandwidths are available as well. The movies each have a photo gallery attached, so you can see stills of these piss loving babes doing what they love. The pictures are available for download in multiple sizes, which is not something all sites offer.

When you see people pissing on Wet and Pissy, you know that you are getting exclusive piss porn films that you will not see anywhere else. There is no download limit, and there are also bonus scenes, live feeds, and more. With over 300 models featured on the site, there is a lot of variety here.

WetAndPissy Bonus Content

Wet and Pissy is part of a network of websites called Puffy Network. As a member of Wet and Pissy, you will get access to additional sites. These are not piss fetish porn sites, but they are good sites and add some good variety to the membership if that is what you like. The four sites that are included are We Like To Suck, Wet and Puffy, Eurobabe Facials, and Simply Anal. These sites are pretty self-explanatory by name. Also, you can find more bonus content in the “members extra” section of the sites.

WetAndPissy Discounts?

Yup, you get the best rates available from Mr. Porn Geek. Use the links here to get the deals.

The Best of WetAndPissy

Looking for exclusive piss fetish scenes, welcome to your new wonderland. The people that film on piss sites love piss. There is no way around it. The people filming love piss porn and the people that own the site love piss porn. You can tell that this is a passion project right from the moment you set your eyes on the site. There is pissing in people’s mouths, licking piss off the floor, pissing is the focus. There are plenty of non-piss parts to each scene too though. You can see blowjobs, penetration, fingering, roleplay, there is a lot to take a look at.

There are hundreds of full HD porn movies here, and a lot of 4k HD porn movies are also found here. Piss is not the easiest thing to record well; the high quality helps you watch these golden streams at the top quality. Some of the older films are in SD, but this is a site that has been around for a long time, so that is to be expected. The new movies are filmed in the best quality.

Additionally, the site is easy to use. There are preview images for each scene, which is nice, and there are tags, a basic search, and an advanced search. I love a good advanced search on a porn site. The site is mobile friendly as well.

The Worst of WetAndPissy

WetAndPissy has a few things that many other porn sites also have, things to watch out for when you are joining the site. First, while the site has a cheap porn pass for two days of limited access, it is not worth it. You get access for two days, and then you are charged more than the regular rate on the site. This might be good if you are only going to be a member for the two days, but long term you will be paying a lot more money for the site. Plus, when you add in that you get the top rates for porn from me, there is even less reason to get this access pass. Get the full month for less; you can cancel at any time.

There are also pre-checked cross-sells on the join page. These are additional sites that you will be charged for if you do not uncheck the boxes. Make sure to be aware that this is here, and if you do not want the offer, uncheck the box. There are also a few ads in the member’s area, so be aware.

The Bottom Line about WetAndPissy

Full HD porn movies featuring the top pornstars pissing on each other, amateurs as well. The peeing is hot, and the members love it. There is a lot these women can do with pee, and the site is large for the niche. There are still updates happening weekly, so there is more to see often and the site is growing. Why wait any longer? You know you are curious, why else would you be here reading this far into the review. Take a few minutes to get a membership, and remember that if you head to the site from here, you will get the top porn deal available for Wet and Pissy. It is not often that the only real negatives are a few ads and needing to uncheck pre-checked cross-sells. This is a deal.

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  • Fantastic 4K piss porn
  • Weekly updates
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  • No pissing bonus sites
  • Limited trial