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Amateur porn got you hot and heavy? Not to worry, because Mr. Porn Geek is here to make sure you get your hands on the best of the best when it comes to hot, nubile chicks taking cocks inside their amateur pussies. For your consideration here is a site called Watch My GF: the concept is pretty simple and the name says it all, to be honest. You’ll only see the hottest amateur girlfriends in the business getting naked and taking a cock deep inside their tight little snatches. This place launched in 2008 and boy, has it built up a collection of great amateur porn!

The current archive here consists of around 3,600 scenes and 7,500 galleries. It’s one of the biggest sites on The GF Network, although you should still be aware of the fact that there are more than 20 other sites for you to check out – all of which are GF based – when you join. It’s a deal that many people are going to miss out on and to be honest, the only ‘problem’ I see here is that the quality of the content isn’t all that great. But yeah, when was the last time you saw an authentic amateur chick getting fucked in HD? Visit Watch My GF now and see these babes in action.

Watch My GF Review

Watch My GF features a lot of user-submitted content, including content from couples and “vengeful ex-partners.” There are 18+ teens in huge variety, including emo teens, lesbian porn scenes, straight sex scenes, drunk slut porn, and some fun “revenge porn” roleplay too.

Watch My GF has over 4,000 videos on the site, and even more photo galleries than that. The movies are relatively short, fitting in with the amateur porn theme the site has. They run in at around 3 minutes on average. There are gorgeous tiny teens on this site, wanting cock, oral sex, hard pounding, sensual sex, and everything in between. Movies on this site are available for both download and streaming.

The website is part of the AMA Land Network, and you get a membership to all of the 15+ sites in the network. This is a lot of sites, and there is a massive amount of porn included with your membership. The site could do a better job of organizing the huge number of porn movies they have, but it still didn’t take too long to find what I was looking for. The menus on the main page have the general porn necessities, including categories and tags, but the search engine seemed to be the easiest way to find things on the site. It just seems a lot more efficient than the other porn search options.

As a site, Watch My GF still updates often, and there are links on the main page that direct you to where the action is for the latest porn updates. This is a good place to have this, but there honestly could be a lot better organizational structure. This site is best for people that are ok spending a few minutes to find that perfect porn clip and get it set up.

As an amateur site, there are plenty of POV porn movies here, and a lot of it is shot pretty well. It seems these 18_+ horny teen amateurs love to have sex pretty much everywhere. There are some fantastic outdoor porn shoots, which are a fun and welcome addition to my collection. Aren’t adventurous coeds the greatest?

The longest videos on the site are generally around 15 minutes, and because this is an amateur site the porn movies can vary in quality quite a bit. The photos are the same, though they tend a little bit more on the side of low quality in some ways. There are TONS of photos here, and a lot of them are impressive, but you may need to sift through some lesser quality photos to get to the best stuff.

Watch My GF Bonus Content

There are 17 porn websites included here, and while this is an amazing benefit, there are not tons of ways to organize all of this top quality smut well. I recommend using the search engine; it seems to get things organized the best. Either way, you will not run low on the porn here.

Watch My GF Discounts

The best deals in town and on the internet are from Mr. Porn Geek, and you are already here so go ahead and take advantage. The ease of finding porn here is fantastic, and I want to pair you up with what you want. If you want real bonafide amateur porn, this is fantastic. The quality might not always be the best, but these are coeds that are making due with the equipment they have. Be thankful they are sharing their nubile bodies and sex drives with you. Get the best deal available at Mr. Porn Geek; you will be pleased.

The Best of Watch My GF

Who will argue against the value of hot GF porn, let alone this much of it? Homemade porn videos are damn hot, and I have had an experience or two, let me tell you. These horny 18+ teens fuck and suck all of the time and love to submit their lewd, nude, and rude acts here.

The site has a huge number of porn movies, which is a huge benefit. Finding real amateur porn is not as easy as people think it is. There are a lot of sites that hire porn stars and just shoot POV movies that are a little lower quality. They call it amateur porn and go on with their day. This is not that fake amateur porn, and some of the elements that some reviewers are more picky about, you know who you are, are simply looking for things that are not real amateur porn.

The Worst of Watch My GF

Even camera phones are better quality than some of the pictures on this site, though there are plenty of images that are amazing, movies as well, some of them are just not up to par. That said, this is an amateur website. Some people have better equipment, and others do not. Either way, with the amount of content spread through all of their sites; there is tons of great porn content that fans of amateur porn will love.

In addition to the quality of some of the porn picture sets and amateur porn films, I really wish the limited trial gave more. You can get a decent overview of the site, but there are some things that are missing, and I would love to see everyone that is visiting the site be able to get a better idea about just how big and amazing this site is. All in all, it doesn’t matter that much, because the site charges over ten dollars more per month if you check out the trial, and that is over the regular price the site charges. If you get a membership through Mr. Porn Geek, you can rest assured that you get the best deal available and don’t have to deal with that more expensive recurring charge.

Don’t throw it all away by forgetting to un-check the cross-sells. If you do not want the additional offers the site pre-checks, don’t pay for them. Uncheck them instead. Save money and only pay for what you want. There were two pre-checked offers when I visited.

The Bottom Line about Watch My GF

Watch My GF does not provide exclusive content, does not offer HD content, and is not the easiest website to navigate. What it does have, real porn by amateurs and a lot of it. If you like quantity and variety, this amateur porn site might tickle your fancy. With tens of thousands of porn scenes, including solo movies, as well as couples’ scenes, if you like having a lot of this type of porn at your fingertips, go ahead and give Watch My GF a try.

Review Pros

  • Huge archive
  • Bonus sites
  • Hot GF porn

Review Cons

  • Limited trial