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Vivid is one of the best celeb porn sites around, with more than 4,500 adult movies. They have been producing some of the best quality adult films, which makes Vivid the best source of hardcore and mainstream porn. You can find more than 6,000 XXX videos of pure vivid quality. A lot of the contents are your standard scripted hardcore scenes; MILF, fucking the stepmom and babysitter, gangbang, creampie delight. Some porn legends that have graced this premium porn site are Briana Banks and Jenna Jameson.

You can also check out the Vivid celeb category for celebrity scandals circulating around the web. For the movie buff, you’re going to love their sex parodies of The Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman, and Wonderwoman to name a few. It is worth noting that most of the videos are for streaming only, no downloads for those who want to keep a copy handy to watch over and over. The Buy DVD link is pretty tempting when you come upon a video that’s too juicy not to keep. Vivid adds new DVDs every couple of weeks so you will never run out of fresh videos to spend the cold night alone with.

Vivid Review

Vivid Entertainment has been a part of the adult entertainment industry for over 30 years. This gives them an incredible amount of experience and is one of the reasons that they are putting out so much incredible content now. The range is incredible, including some excellent family roleplay porn. The production value that the site has is incredible too, and the streams are super-fast. They clock in at five megs per second. If you are a fan of streaming porn, you know that this is incredible.

When you have been a pillar of the adult entertainment for as many years as Vivid has, you must be doing a lot of things right. This company has thousands of DVD’s on their site, and with the biggest pornstars in the porn world, there is a massive amount of stellar content. If you are looking to be satisfied, head over to Vivid.

With the rate you get from Mr. Porn Geek, you will be incredibly happy. All you need to do to get the top rates available for all the porn at Vivid is head to the site from here and head to the join page.

Another thing that I like about the Vivid brand is their top porn parodies. There are some pretty amazing ones! A membership to Vivid gets you all of these and more. Check out the stars here, names like Tila Tequila, Farrah Abraham, Montana Fishburne, and so many others.

Vivid Bonus Content

Vivid is a top-notch studio and has well over 4,200 porn movies for you to enjoy. They are still updating every day too, which is even better. There is a lot of big titty porn, small titty porn, fetish porn, solo scenes, hardcore porn scenes, and so much more. If you like orgies, Vivid has orgies. They have anal sex porn too, and honestly, they seem to have all of the favorite porn categories covered. There is so much content here that bonus sites would seem like an afterthought anyway. Even with the huge amount of material, you do get some pretty rad bonus sites and content as well.

Vivid Discounts

Get discounts galore here at Mr. Porn Geek, and that includes the best porn prices available on Vivid. The process is easy; all you need to do is head to their site from the links here to get the top porn deals. I have worked hard to save you money, take advantage.

The Best of Vivid

With over 4,000 top porn movies and over 500 photo galleries, as well as all of the new updates that are posted daily, this is a one site covers most all you want kind of place — everything from deep-throating to pussy licking, celebrity sex tapes and more. One of the most famous sex tapes on the internet, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, has a home here.

In general, the model selection on this site is incredible. These are the world’s top pornstars and celebs. They are true professionals and know what their fans want. If websites could be superheroes, Vivid would be one of my personal heroes. The site has won a considerable amount of awards at the adult entertainment industries top award shows, across many porn categories. This really is a top site and continues to perform and put out some of the best porn movies all the time.

The content here is amazing, it is high quality and there are streaming and download options up to 1080p available. Most of the pics are a high resolution as well, though since the site is old enough that there is a lot of content that is in lesser quality as well. It was top quality at the time it was made though, so I can’t hold that against them. They also have a great customer support team, which is something I always approve of highly.

The site even has Vivid girls that cam too, so there are plenty of opportunities to get some great personal interaction.

The Worst of Vivid

I really like Vivid a lot, but I have to say that the pagination sucks. Only being able to skip forward one page at a time means that it takes forever to browse pages. There are categories and tags, which helps, but even being able to move quickly to the first or last page would be nice.

There are also many ads in the member’s area, which I prefer not to see in a site that has a paid membership. Either way, there is a TON of content here, so the membership is well worth the price. I would expect nothing less from an internationally acclaimed porn website in terms of content amount.

Another small note is that there are no Zip files for download here. Additionally, I really like making comments on my favorite porn films, so I wish that were an option on the site. If I had the option, I would love to let these most sexy pornstars know just how much I love the work they have done for Vivid.

There are some pre-checked offers when you reach the join page of Vivid. These are additional sites that have been already selected and suggested for you to purchase. If you do not uncheck the boxes that are selecting them, you will be registered, and have to pay, for the sites. You can cancel them at any time, but if you are not interested in them in the first place it makes a lot more sense just to unselect them. These sites are not cheap, so you can save a lot of money by being aware and un-checking the box.

The Bottom Line about Vivid

This is a highly recognisable name in porn, and deservedly so. There are some of the top pornstars in the business that frequent the site, and there are many new up-and-comers here too. This site is busy all the time, with new photos, new porn movies, and more.

Vivid has an impressive selection of high-quality porn, with practically no downside. When you get the discounted price from Mr. Porn Geek, you will have extra money in your pocket too, which is the best part of it all. Well, outside the hottest pornstars in the world you are about to watch.

Review Pros

  • HD and full length videos
  • 4500 + videos

Review Cons

  • Streaming only
  • No downloads
  • No visible tags or categories