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Mr. Porn Geek’s opinion on Vivian Dash

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of people who are dropping by Mr. Porn Geek in order to get access to my reviews devoted to webcam platforms. What you might not know is that many of these platforms don’t feature the best camgirls around – you’ll have to find them individually if you want to have a show with them. In this review, I’m going to be reviewing a girl by the name of Vivian Dash. Self-described as an anal queen, this live performer is a Skype-focused camgirl that does a lot in front of the lens. Let’s get down to business and write up the full review now – continue down below if you want to learn more!

Kicking off on Vivian Dash’s Twitter

I tend to like looking at the Twitter profiles of camgirls when writing reviews as my first port of call, which is why I’m beginning here with a little look at @ViviWebcam. Miss Dash currently has close to 7,000 followers and has been on the platform since October of 2016. Anywhere from a few to a dozen Tweets are made on a daily basis and they range in style and scope. Examples of posts include Vivian showing teasing pictures of her fingers (finger banging is her hobby), naughty GIFs of her in miniskirts and some life posts about her preferences when it comes to underwear and bikinis. A mixed bag of content that’s for sure, but I’d say she’s slightly above the average camgirl when it comes to erotic content posted. That’s great as far as Mr. Porn Geek is concerned, so if you prefer the accounts you follow on Twitter to be a little more X-rated, @ViviWebcam is the place for you.

Other social media featuring Vivian Dash

Aside from Twitter, Vivian Dash’s other social media outlet is Snapchat. She runs two accounts – @vivdash is a free one where she shares general stuff and a few raunchy pictures, whereas access to her premium Snapchat is available by clicking this link which will take you through to her Fan Centro profile. I loved the warning on this page: you’re told that you should only enter if you understand the risks you’ll be exposed to, such as premature ejaculation and addiction to pussy. Vivian’s Snapchat is available at a cost of $12.5 per month and comes with 20+ posts a day, 3 weekly cumshows and additional benefits. You’re allowed to screenshot the content and even send dick pictures, which she actually encourages from her fans. Honestly, the amount of content that you get with a subscription to her Snapchat is pretty damn incredible: the cost is highly competitive too. Other girls can charge as much as $50 a month, so this is stellar pricing as far as I’m concerned.

Vivian Dash’s live cam shows

You’ve got two options when it comes to live cam shows with Vivian, the first of which is on the popular platform Live Cam Model Shows. Vivian Dash’s profile here lists her Skype rate at $3 per minute and phone sex rates at just $1 a minute. Fetishes that Vivian will explore on webcam include squirting shows, GFEs, daddy dom/little girl, general domination and more specialized stuff such as sissification and anal play. All in all, there’s a nice variety of webcam experiences available through Vivian – she seems to do quite a lot in front of her cam if you’re down to part with a little cash. She has an extensive profile on Live Cam Model Shows with lots of details about herself too, such as what toys she has available, costumes for streaming and so on. I was really pleased to see that Vivian also has a technical specification – her webcam clocks in at 1080p HD and she uses a high speed Internet connection to ensure you’re receiving the very best in streaming entertainment.

You’ll also find that Vivian Dash has more long-term experiences available for those that want to become submissives and sex slaves. These packages begin at $100 a week and are a lot more focused toward submission for the little boys out there that need a strong, powerful woman to control them. Finally, Vivian offers some ‘extra’ features, such as used panties for sale, interactive toy experiences and even cock rating. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think I’ve found a single camgirl to date that has as many offerings as Vivian has – this girl offers it all! I should also mention that Vivian Dash has a profile on Cam Model Directory, so if you’re more comfortable with that platform than LCMS, feel free to use it instead.

Vivian Dash’s video hustle

The last thing I want to talk about is Vivian Dash on both Many Vids and Clips 4 Sale: both services offer basically the same thing, which is you paying a small fee in order to access a clip that Vivian has created. She has over 150 uploads to date – quite a large archive of content! Content themes range from her brushing her teeth and pissing in the pool through to ass fucking herself with a glass dildo in a plane toilet and foot fetish JOI. Vivian Dash has a whole section devoted to custom content too so if you want to direct your own adult flick, be sure to check it out.

Vivian Dash: Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion

I love camgirls that do it all and honestly, I think it’s fair to say that Vivian Dash is exactly that. Only a few niches are off-limits and for 99% of people out there, this smoking hot babe is going to be up for whatever it is that you desire. Both fetish and vanilla friendly, Vivian is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a more personalized camgirl experience. The BDSM packages are great, the videos on offer are top-tier and yeah – all in all I can honestly say that Vivian Dash is a performer I can recommend you visit and have a show with! Oh, and one thing before I forget: be sure to check out – her official website.

Review Pros
  • Lots of videos
  • Great rates
  • Active on Twitter
Review Cons
  • Skype only streams
  • Ignores Twitter DMs