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An introduction to ViperGirls

Hello friends – another day, another adult porn forum for me to check out. Today, it’s Viper Girls, and from the looks of what I’m seeing so far, this place is pretty damn neat. I mean, when it’s porn it’s great, but when it’s a lot of porn it’s even better – that’s what you’re getting here, with a monster number of posts at 27 million and over 315 million pictures submitted by the 200,000 members that populate these forums. If you love all things sex, then chances are that what’s up for grabs for you on is something you’d better not miss out on.

The forums are spread into a number of different areas, including amateur videos, animated clips and BDSM content. You’ll be able to find anything and everything here – you can even use the search feature without creating an account, but obviously you’ll have to sign up if you want to contribute something you’ve found or created yourself. This is pretty standard in the porn forum world, and registration doesn’t take all that long anyway. So yeah – basic functionality here when it comes to the interaction of the site, but let’s get a little more detailed now and see what’s really going on under the hood.

Where the action is

Chances are you know by now that forums like this don’t have their submissions distributed across all of the sub-forums in a completely equal amount. Some places get more content then others, and people have their preferences of where to go on Viper Girls if they’re in the mood for submitting some adult entertainment. For instance, the Celebrity Photos forum thread currently contains 250,000 posts, but if you check out Hardcore Videos, you’ve got over 7 million. The ViperGirls community even has some boards that many other forums are lacking, such as a section for vintage porn videos and pictures of emo/alternative girls. There’s no real shortage of content in any of the categories, although some just have a lot more choice than others.

Now since a large chunk of Viper Girls’ stuff comes from the hardcore area, I wanted to give a brief mention of the types of scenes you’ll see here. There are hundreds of active threads across the dozens of boards, all of which focus on different things. For instance, there’s a feed of 350 posts devoted to babes from Czechia accepting cash for sex. Prefer your content to be more on the darker side? Then have no fear – simply take a look at the forum thread devoted to hundreds of videos starring hot ebony sluts getting dicked down hard. I could link to more examples of what else is available here, but I think you get the idea. Whatever your interest is, ViperGirls probably has a forum thread somewhere devoted to it.

How content access works

It’s important for me to detail that when you visit these forums at Viper Girls, you’re not actually going to get direct access to the content. Almost all porn forums work this way, and some of the main reasons why is that many of them allow people to share content that is owned by someone else. All the forums do is provide as a direct link and display of videos and pictures – you’ll have to head off-site if you want to access the goods. This comes with benefits, such as the forum unlikely to be shut down for copyright infringement, but it also comes with some major drawbacks too. In many cases, you’ll have limited access to the porn available unless you’re willing to part with some cash.

Media is typically hosted on third-party file hosts, with some of the more popular ones coming by way of Keep 2 Share, File Fox and File Monster. I’d estimate that a dozen or so different platforms are used which can suck if you want to grab a lot of content and can’t get a membership to all of them, but ViperGirls has a premium account option that allows you to grab material from 80 different file hosts – as far as I understand it, all of the ones used by submitters are covered. It’s also worth pointing out that you’re not required to grab a premium membership to the file hosts, although your download speeds will be severely limited if you don’t.

To put this to the test, I grabbed a 730 MB video from Keep 2 Share and I’d estimate that they capped my speed at around 200 KB/s. Basically, the whole file was going to take me roughly 2 hours to download, whereas my 150 MB/s connection – if given a decent speed – would manage to grab this file in about 35 seconds. So it’s not impossible to take the slow route when you want to access any porn hosted at Viper Girls, but I think you can probably see how having your connection throttled really does suck. So yeah, to put things quite simply, you’re going to want to grab premium membership to a file host if you have any serious content requirements. I guess for a few images here and there it’s not so bad, but if you’re planning for more than a single video, it’ll probably cost you.

The extra features

So I think I’ve gone into enough detail on how the process and forum threads work – what else is worth mentioning here at Viper Girls that you should probably know about if you want access to the best of the best? One of my favorite features here is the new posts links, which allows you to see the latest submissions to the threads by members of the community. This is quite cool actually, since around 25-50 posts are made every single minute of the day. That’s right – in terms of fresh material, does not lag behind as an adult forum. You can also use the activity stream feature to see the newest threads that have been opened. I’d estimate around 10 to 50 threads are opened on an hourly basis.

There’s also a pretty cool app for the Viper forums that allows you to grab all of the images from external image hosts directly to your PC. They’ve also done their best to ensure compatibility with MacOS and Linux – you’ll just have to use emulation software. It’s currently at version 2.1.2 and was updated just a few days ago, even though Viper Ripper itself is over 2 and a half years old. This is a slight side note, but 2.1.2 is actually the last version – they’re moving to a cross-platform and open source program in 2019. One thing you can always count on porn lovers to do is optimize their access to adult entertainment – how these guys have made a program for their own damn site is just crazy. Maybe Mr. Porn Geek needs to come up with something to improve the lives of his readers.

A Note On Legality

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush: porn forums give you free access to content that you usually have to pay for. I’m not a fan of people infringing on copyright, but I do understand that some people can use these services in a legitimate capacity (for instance, some paysites have really slow download speeds, so they can act as mirrors). I’m not going to pretend for a second that this is the main purpose of existence for places like Viper Girls though, so what I will do is suggest that if you really like content from site, consider grabbing a membership. It helps support the development of fresh smut and you’ll get access to new releases before anyone else.

Hell, it might even be an idea to check out my paysite discount deals if you’re not looking to break the bank for access to adult entertainment. I’ve got 70 offers to a bunch of places, including Brazzers, Twistys and Burning Angel – these offer highly competitive membership fees for the same great porn you’re used to from established paysites. In some cases, the discounted price offered by Mr. Porn Geek can be cheaper than a premium membership to a file host, so you’re actually saving money by going to the original source of the content!

Final Thoughts On ViperGirls

I reviewed this site last year and it’s grown by millions of posts since then – I’d bank pretty heavily on their traffic being at its highest point right now, and that is likely to continue growing well into the future. The forum design is tidy, there isn’t much spam and the few extra features they’ve got give it a competitive edge over the competition. If you’re on the hunt for porn from hundreds of studios and either want a premium file host membership or can sit and wait for your free download to trickle in, this is a good place to visit.

ViperGirls is slowly becoming my favorite adult forum to recommend – I think this review does a good job of explaining why!

Review Pros
  • Millions of posts
  • Updates very frequently
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • A few spammy posts