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For those reading Mr. Porn Geek that would prefer to use a more simple upload and download platform, let me introduce you to Uploaded.net! This site is miminal, easy to use and basically ensures that your time sharing material both of an adult and non-adult nature will be easy as pie. You can start uploading to the site directly without a membership although obviously, signing up will provide you with a number of benefits that make it a lot more convenient to go about your day.

As things currently stand, a membership to Uploaded.net costs around $44.99 for 6 months – a pretty average price when compared to other services. You also get these points, but I’m not entirely sure what those are used for. Once your membership is confirmed, you have unlimited storage space, the ability to use a file manager, unrestricted parallel downloads and of course, incredibly fast servers to give you access to your material instantly. Just one down side: it does have a download limit of 30 GB per day.

Review Pros

  • Simple design
  • Very fast

Review Cons

  • Daily download limit